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William Richard: Involved and Inspired Eagle

Name: William Richard

Hometown: Conestee, SC

Year: Senior

Major: Mass Communication (broadcast track)

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I was born and raised in Greenville, SC. I am pursuing a career in radio or television broadcast. I have been passionate about NASCAR since I was 8 years old. Some of my other hobbies are writing my blog NASCAR Opinion, cheering on the Carolina Panthers and throwing football with friends.

Would you consider yourself to be a college leader?

On campus I may not have the biggest voice but inside TRIO I have done some pretty amazing things. I have worked as TRIO secretary and president which has given me somewhat of a voice inside that organization. I would like to think of myself as someone TRIO could come to and I could help them make a decision.

What leadership roles do you currently hold at Winthrop and what roles have you held in the past? 

As I mentioned I was previously the president for the TRIO SSS program here at Winthrop. Though I do not have a title, I would also like to think of myself as one of the leaders of the mass communication department. Now, in my senior year I love to share my experience with new freshman and feel as though I have earned my stripes in the department.

Of all the roles what would you say is the most important and that has shaped you into a better young man?

The most important thing I have learned is that you have to be willing to try new things. Not everyone will be good at everything but with enough time, I can learn and give it my best. The biggest thing to remember is that even the best started somewhere and knowing that has made me more patient and understanding of the process of becoming a professional.

What are you involved in?

I am still in TRIO, when I can be. I currently have a radio show at W.I.N.R. entitled "From the Stands Sport Talk Radio," and I am one of just five students this semester Winthrop Close Up, the premiere show on campus.

How do you balance being a leader in TRIO and student?

The biggest tip I give is that you have priorities. Obviously, school comes first and then what you can fit in comes next. I would say find a balance that makes you happy. As for me I just make sure I don't take on too much. It's okay to ask for help or to get someone else to do something every now and then.

How long have you been a TRIO leader and what roles have you held?

I have been an official TRIO exec. member for 2 years. I was the secretary for one year then elected VP. Sadly, due to some personal issues our president stepped down and I assumed the position. Eventually, I also stepped down due to personal issues.

What advice would you give to the freshman class?

Learn that you are here to get a degree; not to party and not to have a girlfriend. While balancing a social life is great you and your parents are also invested in this crazy thing called college. These four years are the key to your success so don't blow it on silly things.

How has TRIO better shaped your future?

TRIO has helped me become a better public speaker and gave me confidence. Having to lead weekly meetings, or be a spokesperson for the organization put me in situations that forced me out of my shell which something that I definitely needed.

What other activites are you invovled in?

TRIO, Winthrop Close UP, W.I.N.R. Winthrop Radio

What are your goals and plans of earning your degree?

My biggest goal is to work for NASCAR. I have never pictured myself anywhere else. I have learned recently that I really enjoy radio, so a career in radio or TV would be absolutely fine with me. My ultimate goal is to host my own NASCAR Opinion where fans can call in and we discuss topics in the sport.

What is something you love about Winthrop?

I love that you can actually see people everyday that you know. Some campuses you will never see same person in a week, but here I can recognize over half the faces I see. I honestly feel as though that makes this place feel more like home and not just a place where people walk by and never know who each  other are.

Why did you choose Winthrop?

I chose Winthrop because it was smaller than other campuses. It had the same feeling as high school in terms of class size, and that was a big difference. Also, it was close to Charlotte, where NASCAR has its headquarters. Considering that's the industry I want to be in I figured it didn't hurt to be close.

What are your long term goals after completing Winthrop and earning your education?

To work for NASCAR, Fox Sports1, or ESPN full-time.

I am a Mass Communications major at Winthrop University with a minor in theatre. I enjoy reading, writing, singing, blogging, traveling, photography and all things newsworthy(media, fashion and entertainment). I also love having fun and doing quality professional work. I enjoy volunteering with various organizations one in particular SOAR. A fun fact about myself is that I enjoy figure-skating and I use to take piano lessons. I truly enjoy being in the company of my family, friends and church family and I love helping others. I am excited about this opportunity, as I am looking forward to learning and passing it on.
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