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Why You Should Watch Abbott Elementary

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First of all, what even is Abbott Elementary? Abott Elementary is an ABC mockumentary sitcom series based on a low-income elementary school in Philadelphia. It centers around Janine Teagues, a second-grade teacher who is played by Quinta Brunson, and her peers, students, and personal life. It’s funny, heart-warming, and real.

I personally love it because I am an elementary education major. While it has its sad moments, watching it just makes me even more excited to be a teacher one day. I have, no joke, rewatched the first two seasons at least three times, and I enjoy it more with every watch. So, if you are also planning to be a teacher, this show is definitely for you.

Now here’s why you should watch it:

  • The characters are hilarious.

Starting off with the principal, Ava Coleman, who might be the worst principal, on or off-screen. While she’s terrible at her job, she’s super funny and provides comedic relief in the scenes that tug on your heart strings.

Then there’s Melissa Schemmenti, another second-grade who’s Italian, a little sketchy, but always knows a guy and is willing to help anyone out. And Jacob Hill, an upper-level English teacher whose students call him “Mr. C,” which stands for “Mr. Corny.” He’s funny, awkward, and brings up his time in Africa and white guilt a little too much.

These are just some highlights, but all the characters are loveable and funny!

  • It has a perfect balance of comedy and realness.

I’m a sucker for sitcoms, New Girl and Brooklyn 99 are a few of my favorites. The shows I am used to watching stick to comedy and will occasionally tackle serious topics but never super often. Abbott Elementary centers around comedy and depicts the problems within the education system and specifically the way that schools are funded in a way that makes you aware of it but is still light-hearted.

Most of the storylines in the show focus on the money the school and the district have and the unfairness the students have to face because of it. Within this, you have Janine’s quirkiness, one-liners, and strange conversations that make you laugh. It combines comedy and awareness with a perfect balance.

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  • Lastly, Quinta Brunson is brilliant.

Quinta Brunson created and wrote Abbott Elementary, while also playing as the loveable main character. Her writing is captivating and funny, and the dialogue runs with a smoothness that not all shows have. The conversations feel real because they are weird but relevant. It’s so fun to watch.

If my word about the show and Quinta Brunson isn’t enough, the show was nominated for seven Primetime Emmy Awards for its first season, and it won three. I would argue the first season of a show is the hardest to create because everything is uncertain and it doesn’t have any fans yet. The season only had 13 episodes but still managed to blow me out of the water.

Overall, this show is just amazing and if it wasn’t clear enough, I highly recommend you watch it. It’s streaming on Hulu and it will definitely be worth your time. Also, Tyler James Williams is one of the main characters, and that is reason enough.

Hanna Hedgpeth

Winthrop '26

Hi, I'm Hanna and I'm an elementary education major at Winthrop!