Why It's Okay to Be Sensitive

I get my feelings hurt, a lot.  Whether it was the other persons intentions or not, I still walk away and feel slightly attacked.  Just because this occurs does not mean that I am over dramatic.  I am just sensitive.  We have all heard it before, "Take a joke," and "Stop being a drama queen," or even "You're being too sensitive" seems like an insult.  However, being sensitive actually has it's advantages, and here are some reasons why.


1. Compassion

People who are sensitive tend to understand the emotions of others on a deeper level. This is in no way a bad thing! Sensitive people are able to help others with what they may be struggling with, because they can relate. So if you see someone that seems upset, lend an ear and be the person you would think you need when you get kicked down.


2. Good Intuition

Being sensitive leads to a lot of observation. People can start to pick up on signals from those around them that they don't even realize. That’s why people are that are sensitive often have that certain type of feeling in their gut.  Having good intuition can be a saving grace in a lot of situations. You can sense things around you just because you are aware of how other's words can hurt people.


3. Hardwork

People who are sensitive often strive to reach perfectionism. To reach perfection a lot of time and work needs to be put in. This can be a good trait, especially in the eyes of an employer.


4. Leadership

This may come as a surprise but sensitive people make great leaders. They can see who gets along and who does not. They can sense a good egg from a bad one. They also understand value and observe peoples strengths and weaknesses, as well as they are more likely to work with the group instead of telling the group what to do.


5. Creativity

Sensitivity and creativity are so closely related. People who are sensitive often have many emotions that they need to find a way to express.  Whether it be painting, writing, dancing, etc. some of the best works of art come from a place full of feelings.



So, collegiettes, lets stop apologizing for feeling deeply and seeming 'dramatic'. It is okay to be sensitive. Don't let someone else's inability to understand your feelings discredit the way you feel.  Being sensitive can lead to success in SO many different aspects. You're doing just fine with who you are. Stay positive! :)