While You Were Sleeping: A Cinematic Masterpiece

    While You Were Sleeping, a pleasant RomCom, made its debut in the springtime of 1995. Focusing on the love life of hopeless romantic (and very single) Lucy Moderatz, this feel-good, poignant classic became one of the best love stories of this era. Throughout my childhood, my mother and I have always enjoyed movies from the 90s and despite runner ups such as “Hope Floats” or “My Best Friend's Wedding”, this timeless romance will forever be my favorite. Lucy, a worker at the transit in Chicago, leads a very lonely life with her cat in a one bedroom apartment. From afar she falls in love with Peter Callaghan, a businessman who utilizes the train station on his daily commute to his prestigious, money making occupation. Everyday Lucy pines for the love of her life without speaking more than a simple “One token, please” while going through the morning motions.

This is of course until she saves his life after he is mugged at the station and pushed onto the tracks. This heroic act leads Lucy to a winding journey where she is mistaken for his fiancee and meets the family, all while Peter, a man she has never really met, is in a Coma. Occurring during the Holiday season, this film evokes a theme of Togetherness, whether blood related or not, Lucy is truly immersed into what it means to not be alone and to be supported by family. The Callaghan family takes Lucy in and welcomes her to their stories, traditions, and hospitality like she is one of their own. Upon meeting her “fiance's” charming younger brother, Jack Callaghan, Lucy’s life becomes a little bit more complicated. Jack, the blue collar brother, faces a struggle of debating whether or not to branch off from the family business, as Peter had previously done.

You are able to witness Lucy’s journey of finding herself, finding a family, and finding true love. Alongside Jack finding not only love, but a voice for himself that is not dictated by family precedent. Filled with laughs, tears, and surprises, While You Were Sleeping helps highlight the fact that your preconceived thoughts may change once fate steps into your life and things will change for the better, as long as you give it a chance and you trust. How will she tell this newfound family the truth? How will they react? Everything happens for a reason, I highly suggest watching this film to find out what fate’s plan was all along.