Which Cole Sprouse Character Are You In College?

Cole Sprouse first stole our little tween hearts as the nerdy half of the Martin twins on Disney’s The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.  

Now 12 years later he takes on the role of the mysteriously handsome Jughead Jones in the CW series Riverdale.  With Season 2 of Riverdale less than a month away and fall semester is in full swing it is time for us all to finally pick which iconic Cole Sprouse character we are in school.


Eating dining hall food: The utter thought of stepping into that place makes you cringe or is your bank account at 0 so you have no choice, but to eat it?

Introductions in class: A terribly honest answer or give a fake fun fact to seem super cool?

Waking up for 8ams​: Inviting the new day's mischief or scared straight at your bed head?


Friday nights out: Milkshakes at the diner or dancing in the club?

Working out: Rather watch YouTube than sweat or get swole 24/7?

Freshman 15:  Milkshake or cake?

In class: Hands on learning or visual?

With your squad: Constant inside jokes or in sync peace signs?


Date night: Casual yet put together or dressed up to the 9's?

Finals week melt down​​: Wear your tears like it is the latest fashion trend or hide your struggle with a smile?


Whether you are a Cody or a Jughead we can all agree Cole Sprouse was and still total man candy material!

Same, Agnes, Same.