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nicki minaj at the barbie premiere
nicki minaj at the barbie premiere
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What’s going on with Megan and Nicki?

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If you have been on social media recently, you have probably seen that Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj have been beefing and both dropped diss tracks on each other. But what truly happened?

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It all started when Megan dropped her single “HISS”. The world has been hating on our girl lately for various reasons and she claims that it felt like there were snakes crawling up her and she just wanted them gone, hence why her single is called hiss.

Snake: A person who seems like a really nice person and you can confide in, but is actually backstabber waiting for the moment to strike. – Urban Dictionary

She was being attacked by Nicki Minaj and her fans including fans finding her mother’s grave and going to vandalize it. Megan decided this was enough and released this single to clear her name and demand respect from both Nicki and her fans, but also the world.

nicki minaj at barbie premiere
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In this rap, she said that nobody is mad at Megan, they are mad at Megan’s Law. Megan’s Law is a law related to registered sex offenders and right to public information. Both Nicki’s husband and brother are on this list, so it is alledgedly targeted towards her. Nicki was on Instagram live when she heard this, looked up the law and fought back with her new diss track, “Big Foot”. Not only does she drop Megan’s name in the verses multiple times, but she also calls her “like 6 foot, like big foot”, due to Megan Thee Stallion being 5’11. Nicki also made an Instagram post when Big Foot passed HISS in streams, stating that she was always going to come out on top and how proud she was of her and her fans that her diss track written on a live was reaching these kinds of numbers. Nicki Minaj has been much more public on Twitter and in interviews about her feelings, while Megan has yet to drop Nicki’s name.

There is more that has gone on with these two in the past, but I hope this summed up their current issues. I hate that my girls are against each other and that we will probably never get another song together. Honestly, this might be a publicity stunt and the two girls are besties, but I am doubtful because of how sided the internet is at the moment. I think they both have given and received their fair share of hate from each other and the internet. As of right now, HISS is at more streams but the two rappers and their fans will continue to fight to the top.

Whose side are you on?

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