What No One Tells You About Being a Nanny

Being a nanny is one of the most rewarding, yet challenging jobs out there. People think of it simply as being a babysitter, but it is so much more. Being a nanny is being a part of not only the life of a child or the lives of children, but being a part of the lives of their family as well. It is not simply watching a child or children, it is engaging with them, creating with them, teaching them, and learning alongside them. It is an amazing experience, but there are things that people do not tell you about being a nanny.

It Can Be Hard

Being a nanny can get challenging at times. A child can be having a bad day, or they are sick, throwing a tantrum, or they just refuse to listen to anything you say. The hard days can really test your patience. It can be challenging when trying to engage and play with the child or the children you nanny and all they want to do is watch television. It can be challenging to plan meals that they will actually eat and not just push around their plate. It can be hard to keep them on their schedule and get them where they need to be. Being a nanny is a challenge, but a rewarding one at that.



No one tells you how much you are going to fall in love with the child or children you nanny. They aren’t even yours, yet you love them so much! It warms your heart when they run to you and give you hugs. It makes you smile when they are so excited to tell you about what happened at school. You hurt when they fall down at the playground. You have a moment of panic when you can’t see them for one second. You care so much for them and they fill your heart with so much joy!


Respect for the Parents

No one tells you how much respect you will gain for the parents. You observe how well they are raising their children and how hard they work each day for their family. As a nanny, you not only want to be caring for the children, but you want to help the parents in any way you can; whether it be cleaning the kitchen, folding the clothes, or simply getting the kids in their pajamas before the parents get home from work. Anything you can do to lighten their load of work, you want to do because parents are superheroes!


Your Fellow Nannies

Nothing is better than a fellow nanny friend in the neighborhood or across town. No one tells you how much their friendship will mean to you. You have someone to go with to the park, or to Chick-Fil-A, or to the pool. You get to meet the kids they nanny as well and now your kids have someone to play with. You now have someone to talk to and vent to, someone that understands the nanny life, and someone that is there to support you. Nanny friends are just an added bonus to one of the best jobs ever.


They Become a Part of Your Life

No one tells you that the child or children you nanny will become such a big part of your life. You catch yourself missing them when you are not with them. You find yourself walking by the kids’ section at Target and thinking to yourself how much they would love that shirt or that cute little dress. You talk about them to your friends, your family, your professors, and anyone that will listen to you brag about how awesome they are. It isn’t just a job, it becomes a part of who you are.


Goodbyes Are the Worst

Oh goodbyes. They can be so painful. No one tells you how much it hurts you when the child or children you nanny cries because you are leaving for the day, or in my case, cries because you are about to be gone for three and a half months. As excited as I am about studying abroad in Spain, I miss my little ones so much already!


Being a nanny is a job like no other. It is for the ones with immense love in their heart for children, as long as you have that, you can learn the rest. If you want to have an amazing job that impacts lives, consider nannying! So many families are looking for qualified and loving people to care for their children, and it is such an enriching and fun job!