What To Do On The Weekends When You Attend The Suitcase School of South Carolina-Winthop University

So you are the friend who always stays on campus over the weekend when your friends go home?


When someone hears of Winthrop University the first two questions they ask are if you are an education major and if you go home every weekend.  Why?  Because Winthrop has been notoriously dubbed a “Suitcase School”.  That is defined by Urban Dictionary as a college or university at which students travel home frequently on weekends, creating a lack of involvement and a 'ghost-town' like atmosphere.  As the afternoon hits Friday the campus goes quite with the sound of cars leaving in the distance.  As someone who rarely goes home due to lack of a car on campus and hella busy schedule I don’t really mind the trend.  The drop in population means shorter lines at Starbucks, empty West Center, and less of a crowd to judge my friends and I’s weird antics.  

But then there are always those weekends where all of your friends decide to visit home at the same time leaving you as the lone squad member on campus.  What are you suppose to do without them?!  Well collegiettes do not fret, here are a list of things to do at Winthrop University when you never use your suitcase to leave Rock Hill.


Go to the West Center and don’t stop getting swole until you are bored



Try making a super BOMB playlist to motivate you.  May I suggest Taylor Swift's latest single "Look What You Made Me Do"?

Step into Dacus for the first time ever and try to find 3 books in their amazing collection to check out

Walk to Winthrop Lake and read those books, or if you don’t feel like getting exercise zip on over to Hardin Garden

Check out the Galleries on campus and pull the art majors away from Rutledge for a night because they need a break and social interaction with the outside world

Eagle Cinema anyone?

Read every brick on Scholars Walk and find your favorite

Me too Dylan, me too.

We all know you haven’t done laundry since you’ve been back on campus so please catch up on that, it’s free.

Clean your entire room to start off with a spic and span slate on Monday for that 8am

If you have a car go on a nice drive of Rock Hill and the surrounding towns so you know more than just the campus.


In the springtime take a walk around campus and try to find the Winthrop Worms

Lookup Cultural Events that could be going on over the weekend so you can reach your quota


Take a nap because… college student


Cook or bake something yummy for you and your friends to eat together when they get back so they never leave again!!!


Follow theses tips and maybe campus won't seem so lonely when your friends. Who knows, maybe soon one of you friends may stay on campus and you'll have all the best ideas for you two to do!?