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It is safe to say that the most admirable people to me are people with confidence. The problem with this is, confidence is difficult to obtain. With things like social media and the standards that society sets for people, especially women, it sometimes seems more and more difficult to feel confident in your own skin. But small things that pump you up and make you happy are sure to give you at least a temporary confidence boost, and the more often that you work on boosting your confidence, the more often you will actually feel confident.

So what are ways to boost your confidence?

Put on some music!

A cute small thing that I like to do is to listen to pump up music. Literally any songs, playlists, or albums that make you feel happy and energized can also make you feel more confident when listening to it.

Dress up!

Another way to get you to feel great is to get yourself to look great. Dressing up in your favorite outfit, getting yourself some new shoes, experimenting with your makeup, or even just putting more time into your skincare will help you to feel a lot better about how you present yourself.

Take on a hobby!

Immersing yourself into a new hobby is also a great way to give yourself a confidence boost. Getting into something and forming a new passion will give you something to want to learn about. When I feel smart, I feel confident too- same goes for when I am feeling passionate about something. Getting involved in new things is also a great way to meet new people or even just to give you more to talk about. Having a simple ice breaker or an interesting fact about your personal life is a great way to give you the confidence to spark up a conversation with a new person. It’s easier to feel confident when there are a lot of people around you who share a common interest. Having a hobby you’re passionate about also gives you something to feel good about! A lot of hobbies require some sort of talent, whether simple or more complicated. If you were to take up painting as a new hobby, you would be much more likely to feel confident about your artistic talents.

Get physical!

Going to the gym, taking a walk around your neighborhood, or joining an excersize class are all ways of getting active. Being an active person can help you to feel more confident about your lifestyle. When you give yourself the ability to push yourself to be better at any aspect in your life and give yourself some encouragement to keep going, you are sure to be boosting your own confidence.

Whether you consider yourself to be a confident person or not, there is nothing wrong with doing small things throughout your day to boost your self esteem! Being a confident person can help you to have an all around better lifestyle and will aid you in meeting new people who’s confidence you can boost up along the way! Being confident is all about being able to interact with others in a healthy way and to help the people around you to feel confident too! So go hype yourself and your friends up on Instagram today and let yourself feel like a baddie.

Nicole Rooney

Winthrop '24

Nicole Helton Rooney sophomore environmental studies major from surfside beach South Carolina.
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