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Top 7 Places to go in the Rock Hill/Charlotte Area for Valentine’s Day

Hopefully you are not just now making plans for Valentine’s Day! But if you have procrastinated, here are a few suggestions of places to go to make your Valentine’s Day special, and of course, Instagram worthy.

1. Anne Springs Close Greenway – Fort Mill

Start off your morning by spending a little time with nature via horseback.

Even though the ocean seems 10,000 miles away, you can still be surrounded by the beautiful forestry of the Carolinas. There will be no escaping the wild with your lover because it’s a guided trail ride! But you will still have loads of fun and horseback riding can be beyond romantic.


2. Crepe Cellar – Rock Hill After a morning of horseback riding (or if you are just rolling out of bed), go enjoy an amazing brunch at Crepe Cellar. This restaurant is specifically known for their brunch menu! With a 90% satisfaction rating on Urban Spoon, you definitely won’t leave disappointed or hungry. Oh and of course don’t leave before devouring a couple of delicate, sweet crepes!


3. Amelie’s – Rock Hill Speaking of Parisian fancies! Go lock in your love at Amelie’s! They bring the love bridge all the way from Paris to sweet little Rock Hill just for you 

…in a much smaller scale, but that’s beside the point. Write you and your significant others name on a padlock and lock it onto the bridge. (Hey, it’s symbolic!) And while you’re there, grab a seat and enjoy handmade French desserts. They are especially famous for their fresh dipped strawberries, macaroons, mouse cups, caramel salted brownies and croissants!


4. Revolutions – Rock Hill

Round up a couple of friends and head to Rock Hill’s newest bowling alley and arcade, Revolutions! Rumor has it that their burgers are phenomenal and that they also have a few shareable deserts. On Saturday nights, it only costs $40 for a group of six to bowl (shoe rental not included). This new spot is definitely perfect for a fun group date in a less intimate and bright environment.  



5. DiG’s – Winthrop University

No transportation? Go play pool with your significant other in the heart of Winthrop’s Campus, aka DiG’s. It’s only $2.25 to play for a full hour! You cannot beat that price. Some flirty competition may even set the tone for a lovely night.



6. White Horse – Rock Hill

Take a romantic stroll across Cherry Road to White Horse. This restaurant offers a great variety, including home cooked meals, large baskets, burgers and salads. But don’t forget about dessert! The apple fritter sticks are perfection! The booths and candlelit tables also add some intimacy for a romantic date close to home.


7. Hookah + amazing deserts + dim lighting + comfy seating = CRAVE – Charlotte

Go check out the menu and you’ll understand why this place is called Crave!  From steak empanadas, to the s’mores platter, everything just says YUM. Located about 30 minutes from WU’s campus in Charlotte, NC, Crave is described as a “progressive dessert boutique that evolves nightly into an upscale lounge.” You’ll definitely want to make reservations ASAP. Can’t get in for dinner? Due to its late night hours and extensive drink list (if you’re 21+), Crave would be the sweetest and most perfect night cap to your Valentine’s Day adventures.


But lets be real, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter where you are…  

…as long as you’re with someone you love…

or maybe things… like your bed, a cinnapie and of course, Netflix.


Happy Valentine’s Day to all. 



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