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Top 6 Gifs That Describe My Feelings Towards The Eagles Winning The Super Bowl

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Winthrop chapter.

Underdogs say what?!!?

The Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots, the reigning …. and much too constant winners ….of the Super Bowl!!! 

All season the Eagles were called the underdog. They lost their best quarterback to date Carson Wentz after an ACL tear back in December. But the back-up QB Nick Foles stepped up to the plate and lead his team to a VERY UNEXPECTED Superbowl win!!

Here are the tops gifs that describe my feelings during the Super Bowl 2018 up until the Philadelphia Eagles won!!!


1. Getting hype for the game about to start and watching the Eagles run through the tunnel to a Meek Mill song

My blood pressure definitely got going when I saw how excited my boys were to play


2. Celebrating our first field goal to get us on the board

Which would slowly turn into a back and forth game going from tied game, to a 10 point lead, etc. 


3. Watching one of our defensive linemen sac Tom Brady and cause a turn-over to win us the ball with a little over 2 mins left 

That was the first and only QB sac of the game and it was one less possession Brady had so we’ll take it!!!


3. Watching the clock SLOWLY run out and seeing the Patriots inching closer and closer to a possible touchdown

Don’t go into overtime. Don’t go into overtime. Don’t go into overtime. DON’T GO INTO OVERTIME!


4. Watching Tom Brady attempt the Hail Mary to try and score in the last second.

Please don’t catch it. Please don’t catch it. Please don’t catch it. Please don’t catch it. PLEASE DON’T CATCH IT!


5. Watching the six vs one man game in the end zone knock down the ball and time run out …..MAKING IT AN EAGLES WIN!!



6. Letting the fact that you are now officially the best football team and JUST WON THE SUPER BOWL!!!!! AS UNDERDOGS!!!

Okay, these aren’t gifs. But these pictures tell a story on their own. Amirite????


All in all, it was a fantastic game to watch. The eagles are so deserving after overcoming so much this season and seeing Nick Foles prove himself make it that much sweeter. 

It’s great to root for such a humble and genuine team. They worked their butts off and deserve this win. As underdogs. Super Bowl Champs. That is all.



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