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Pedro Pascal is a Chilean-American Actor who has played numerous small roles to rising to prominence acting in Game of Thrones, Mandalorian, and The Last of Us. He has hosted the SNL show with musical guest Coldplay and made another cameo with musical guest, Bad Bunny.

Protective Mom

A skit where a mother, Ms.Flores, played by Pedro Pascal, is not happy that her son Luis came home from college which she does not like. She said the girl was dressed like a boy, wouldn’t make money from her major, brought sliders that were vegan, and got her son on meds for his ADD. But once Luis’s girlfriend brought up saying grace before eating dinner, Pascal said “Why didn’t you tell me she was a woman of God?” and somewhat favored Luis’s girlfriend, just a little. (I’m not saying all Hispanic parents are protective like Ms.Flores but mine are so it’s relatable to me)

Protective aunt

To start off Luis, played by Hernandez, brings his new girlfriend, Casey home to meet his aunt, played by Bad Bunny, and mom, Pedro Pascal. He tells her that his aunt is a little protective but nothing compared to his mom and she loudly comes into the frame asking who the girlfriend is. Casey brought over store-bought cookies but Luis’s mom threw them out and put sewing material inside of the container. I thought it was really funny how that’s what my mom and grandmother did while I was growing up, we never ate the cookies. When it got to the mom and aunt gossiping about Casey and Tia, Bad Bunny, saying Casey is a booty call, side chick, and sneaky link. You can tell they didn’t like her but once Casey said ” Luis doesn’t eat enough.” It was a different story especially since, at least when I was growing up, if you didn’t eat all the food on your plate you didn’t eat enough so Luis’s mom and aunt gushed over Casey looking after Luis.

Pedro Pascal intro

Pedro talks about his background where he was from and how his parent fled the country taking his family to the United States. He also mentions how he has “34 first cousins” back in Chile who are very proud of him and how they gave his number out to everyone. He started talking about what he played in like Game of Thrones and the Mandolorian. Here’s where he feels a little awkward because he’s getting used to people recognizing him. A guy stopped Pascal on the street and told him that his son LOVES the Mandalorian which led to him being on a Facetime call with a 6-year-old who has only seen him in the Mandalorian suit. Pedro says, “Without the mask, the Mando voice is like a bedroom voice but porny.” So, everyone is just watching him talk to 6 year old. “I can bring you in warm or I can bring you in cold.” What if you just randomly saw a guy saying that to a child, you would be as weirded out as he was.

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