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Remember those dreamy guys that we use to drool over and picture marrying one day from our favorite teen TV show in the 2000s? The ones we wished went to our school so we could build the courage to talk to them in class. The ones we wished took us to prom, homecoming, movie dates, and even a cute getaway trip.  Well, here is the top 10 2000s hot teen TV show actors!


10. Robbie Amell (True Jackson, VP as Jimmy)

We all know Robbie Amell as Jimmy Madigan from True Jackson, VP. Jimmy was a true teenage heartthrob from the beautiful smile and the nice gelled hair. Jimmy was the nephew of Max Madigan, President of Mad Style, who was True’s boss. Jimmy worked in the mailroom at Mad Style and was even drummer in his band, Fire and Ice. Now who didn’t want to have a boyfriend who was in a band? Like c’mon, if that isn’t hot then I don’t know what is! 

9.  Jonathan McDaniel (That’s so Raven as Devon Carter)

Let’s be real, we were ALL jealous of Raven when she started dating Devon. Devon was one of the guys you would definitely be late to class for. Devon was one of the popular guys in school that the girls drooled and fought over.  However, McDaniel still portrays Devon Carter in Raven’s Home and he has definitely gotten better looking with age! 

8. Jonathan Groff (Glee as Jesse St. James) 

C’mon, we all fell in love with a bad boy once in our life and Jesse St. James was one of them. Jesse St. James had a voice of angel and eyes that pierced your soul. Even though Jesse was a bad boy, he still had a way that made the girls look at him in different light. 

 7.   Milo Ventimiglia (Gilmore Girls as Jess Mariano)

There is always that good looking mysterious kid at school that we want to get to know. The one who is always reading a book during the lunch period or has a “too cool for school” attitude. Milo Ventimiglia portrayed Jess Mariano as that mysterious guy that you wish looked at you and asked you out on a date. Jess Mariano definitely made you want to not date the jock or popular kid. He made you fall in love with guys with brains and aspirations! 

6. James Lafferty (One Tree Hill as Nathan Scott) 

He was the basketball player we all dreamed about dating and walking the school hallways with. Or even just wearing his basketball jersey on game days! Nathan Scott was one of the hottest guys on One Tree Hill. 

5.  Charles Melton (Riverdale as Reggie Mantle) 

Charles Melton portrays Reggie Mantle as a jerk, but he can have a nice side to him. And he is super handsome and would totally make your heart stop.

4. Trevor Jackson (Grown-ish as Aaron Jackson)Trevor Jackson portrays Aaron Jackson in the tv show, Grown-ish. Aaron is a political activist on his campus. He is definitely the guy you would want to go to political events with and talk politics with while cuddling in bed. 

3. Nick Jonas (Jonas as Nick Lucas) Of course, my favorite Jonas Brother had to be on the list. Nick Jonas played Nick Lucas on Jonas which was basically based somewhat on their lives. Nick Lucas had a beautiful voice and is very attractive (just like the real Nick Jonas). He is definitely someone you would have sing to you while playing in your hair.

2. Da’Vinchi (Grown-ish as Cash Mooney)

Da’Vinchi played Cash Mooney on the tv show, Grown-ish. Cash Mooney is another basketball player you wish you dated in high school. He just looks like he smells like Ralph Lauren cologne. He has an amazing smile that would make any girl faint. 

1. Diggy Simmons (Grown-ish as Doug) 

Lastly, one of the most attractive to men to ever walk this planet: Diggy Simmons who plays Doug on Grown-ish. Doug is funny, stylish, and very intelligent and he is so charming that he could easily put a smile on your face. With Doug, you can easily feel comfortable and like the only girl in the world. You would know for sure that he is only down for you!

Honestly, these guys have and are currently making every girl drool while watching their shows. We should take the time to thank and appreciate these guys for changing our lives for the better! 

Jendaya Fleming

Winthrop '21

Senior Mass Communication Major and Women's Studies Minor. I love a good horror film and hanging out with friends. 
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