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Tiny Habits: Who Are They and Why You Should Listen to Them

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This post is in no way sponsored, but my own personal opinion about Tiny Habits

Looking for the perfect “underground” band that you can listen to and then brag about when they inevitably blow up? Well, then Tiny Habits is the perfect band for you.

I first discovered Tiny Habits when I found out they were opening for Gracie Abrams, so naturally, I had to listen to all their songs to prepare for the concert. Not only did I find fantastic music but the members of the band, Cinya, Maya, and Judah are the sweetest and funniest humans. In concert, they were so kind and down to Earth, and after stalking their Instas I just adored them even more.

As of right now, they have five songs released, one of which was featured in the Netflix film Your Place or Mine. But, on April 12th they have an EP coming out titled “Tiny Things” and I have been counting down the days until its release.

Every single one of their songs is so heartbreakingly good and it truly is so versatile. I would describe it as the perfect type of music to either listen to when it’s raining outside and you’re just wrapped up in your blankets or the type of music you listen to when the sun is shining and you’re relaxing in your hammock. Not only that but they so perfectly put my emotions into music form and I am so thoroughly impressed with that.

Being able to listen to that music live in concert truly was such an emotional experience and I did cry a little (or a lot) during their setlist. I mean, to be honest, I am still recovering from hearing “Pennies” live. There is just something about the line “Starting to realize to you I’m only handwritten letters you don’t care to read” that leaves a cut so deep that no amount of stitches will fix it. Hearing those songs does make me a bit scared for the release of “Tiny Habits” because I don’t know how many more heart-wrenching lyrics I can take but I will do it for them.

All of their voices work so beautifully alone and together and it is so addicting to listen to them. I’ve found myself just having their songs on repeat because I just cannot get enough of how they sing. Not only that but their songwriting is top-tier. They manage to work the deepest of emotions into these lyrics and as of right now, we are only five songs deep with them. This band is truly amazing and I wholeheartedly believe they are going to blow up soon. They already gained listeners by touring with Gracies Abrams and with them touring with Lizzy McAlpine in June this year I’m sure they are to gain even more.

They released the track list for their EP and while three of the songs are already released I plan on claiming an unreleased song titled “Some Things (I’ve Learned)”. I can just tell it will hit so deep and I am so unbelievably excited to listen.

Lately, I have been recommending them to anyone who will listen and I hope all of you decide to give them a listen because half as obsessed as me.

Emma Bonasia

Winthrop '26

Hi! I'm Emma and I'm a freshman at Winthrop. I am an environmental studies major with a political science minor and I'm excited to write articles for Her Campus!