Thin Hair vs. Garnier's Shine and Hold Liquid Pomade

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

    Many girls with super thin, fine hair like mine can testify that certain hair products can feel disgusting and build up in your hair if you aren’t careful with how much you use. At the same time, us girls also love styling our hair for when we feel bold and creative, that’s why I decided to take a chance with Garnier’s Shine and Hold Liquid Pomade. I was tabling for my sorority that day and wanted to make a good impression on our campus, so I decided to spice it up and put my hair in two low space buns. The back of the packaging expressed pretty boldly that the pomade had no build up or residue, so I was pumped to put this product to the test. 

    Garnier’s liquid pomade acts a lot like a thick gel, where you’re supposed to apply only a quarter sized amount to your hair. My hair is pretty thin, so I knew that probably only half of the recommended size was good enough for me. I wasn’t sure as to when to apply the product (either on wet or dry hair), so I opted with applying it to my damp, towel-dried hair. When spreading the product from my roots down, I really liked how well it separated my hair without creating tangles. After drying my hair a bit more with a hair dryer, I began the process of making my hair a masterpiece. My hair combed through easily and I could tell that the front parts of my hair stayed together and didn’t fall weirdly in front of my face like it usually does. I did notice my hair looked wet from the middle down, but it never looked oily at the roots. Gathering my hair in two parts and putting each section into a comfortable ponytail didn’t take forever like it would’ve without the product because my hair was so smooth. Another thing I really loved about my hair was that I didn’t need to do anything special with my hair to make my buns bigger; they looked thick on their own. After pinning my hair up and looking at it from all angles, I did a few little test jumps to see if my buns would still hold, and they did! 

    Throughout the day, I repeated looked at my hair through various mirrors I came across like the paranoid person that I am and my hair stayed intact for the entire day. During my tabling shift, I got many compliments on how put together my hair looked, but I never told them my secret ingredient (that being the pomade). Even with the extreme heat, my hair stayed in place and my buns didn’t move an inch, even the hair I held down with a bobby pin. I was actually kind of upset to take out my buns at the end of the day because they still looked so good. They did continue to look wet though, but the pomade didn’t make my hair increasingly oily like I predicted it would have.

    I really enjoyed using Garnier’s Shine and Hold liquid pomade and I’m really excited to buy it and see how it holds curls and braids as well. I’m not sure how the Garnier experience would differ from having thicker hair, but if you struggle with seeing your hair in place, have a hard time putting it in a ponytail from numerous amounts of ridges, or just want to have a good hair day without too much effort, I strongly recommend this product for a nice, sleek look!