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The Last of Us, a post-apocalypic HBO show that hit the streaming service on January 13th, 2023 has taken the world by storm with its infectious cast and amazing storyline. Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey lead the show as Joel and Ellie, just two people trying to make it through this world while battling the elements, eachother, and the infected.

The show is based off a game of the same title that came in 2013 on Playstation that became popular amongst the gaming community as they played the walkthrough on their Youtube channels for millions of viewers to enjoy alongside them. There are two parts to the game as Joel and Ellie work together to get Ellie to the safe zone of a rebellious group called the fireflies after finding out she is immune to the infected. The infected are people who have been exposed to the cordyceps infection that comes from a fungus that mutated and is transferred through bites. Infecting people’s brains with only the intention of spreading the infection. The show has the apocalypse starting in 2003 and fast forwards 20 years into the future where we now see what the world has become after its “end”. 

The Last of Us isn’t a show you tune into every Sunday and come out satisfied. Every episode so far has absolutely destroyed the Twitterverse and created so many edits on TikTok of the beloved Joel and Ellie. Even though you aren’t satisfied at the end of every episode the characters and casting makes you fall in love with each story you get to see on your screen from Sam and Henry to Bill and Frank. It gives a more humane side to post-apocalypic stories instead of what we typically see when it comes to the undead being on TV. 

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey have captivated their viewers with their relationship on and off the show. Honestly. Where would we be without them? They start off cold towards each other especially Joel but as the show progresses they find familial feelings that they have avoided for entirely too long. Both have lost people along the way and expect the worst before they expect the best. Two hardened people that unexpectedly come together and go on a journey that will change their lives and relationship.

Okay, let’s talk about the actors that play the infected, they need a pay raise for Season 2 because they have convinced me that they are really infected. Even down to the little girl who contorted her way into the car to get to Ellie. Amazing cast. The actors who played Bill and Frank and Sam and Henry had me ugly crying for hours even though I know that this is just a tv show. Next year I better see them CLEARING the Emmys because if not someone will be hearing from me. I highly recommend the show even if you’re not into zombies because they are just that good. Even after saying all that I commend these characters because it would’ve been over for me on Day 1.

Jade Anderson

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