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Ten Things Redheads Are Tired of Hearing and Explaining

1. “Ginger is not a race.”

2. My name is not “ginger”, “carrot top”, “copper top”,”red”.

3. Stop assuming we will get a real tan…it’s not going to happen. But we are *NOT* vampires.

4. My hair is not “on fire” and red hair doesn’t always mean a bad attitude. But you never know, so don’t mess with us.

5. Red hair does not always mean we are of Irish decent, although green is a fabulous color on us ;)

6. “You know who you look like to me? [Insert famous redhead celebrity here].” 

7. NO, OUR HAIR IS NOT ORANGE and yes it is natural…for most of us.

8. Red hair and freckles doesn’t mean we take souls or are soulless and related to Satan.

9. Stop asking if the “curtains match the drapes”. That’s inappropriate.

And last but not least…

10. Red heads are not going extinct. :'(

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