Ten Things To Always Keep In Your Car

Collegiettes, you never know when an emergency is going to happen, but it is best to always be prepared!

Here's are some items to keep in your car that may help you out in a challenging situation.



I know nobody carries cash anymore, but you never know when you may need it. Although we are in the time where almost everyone uses a debit or credit card, there are still times where you may need cash. Let’s think worse case scenario: you may lose your wallet, a store’s card readers are down, or your card gets declined. It is always helpful to have spare cash just incase you need it!


Phone Charger

No one likes when their phone dies. This is always good to keep in case you or your friends need some extra battery life. Plus, now you can play music AND pull up directions without worrying about your phone dying!



This may be convenient if you did not take the advice of the previous item mentioned. Although most people have a flashlight on their phone, it may be helpful to keep another flashlight in the car incase your phone dies! Plus, sometimes you just need more light. 


Jumper Cables

You never know when you or someone you know might need a jump. Also, click here to check out this YouTube video on how to use jumper cables! It's always better to be safe than sorry. 



It’s good to always be prepared if Mother Nature catches you by surprise. Even if it isn’t your time of the month, it’s also nice to have one of your friend’s back when they may be in need. 


First Aid Kit

You never know when you or someone you know may get hurt. Also, most first aid kits also include little packs of Tylenol or Advil for whenever a headache pops up. When something goes amiss, you’ll be there to the rescue!



Whether you just didn’t pay attention to the weather that day, or if your weather app didn't mention any rain and it happens anyway, you’ll be prepared! Don't be caught in the rain like Stich. 



Being sick is never fun so make sure you’re prepared when a cold is sneaks up on you. Also, who knows the next time when you’re going to need to cry your eyes out in your car? Always stay prepared.


Spare Jacket

Keeping a jacket in your car ensures that you’ll never be too cold for long. Plus, you'll be able to give a friend an extra jacket if they need it!


Overnight Kit

A toothbrush, toothpaste, and deodorant can be a lifesaver. You never know when you’re going to need to crash at a friend’s place one late night, or when those items just might come in handy.


Hopefully you find this list helpful. Keep these items throughout your car; or if you want to be more organized, store some of the larger item in a container to keep in your back seat or your trunk.

It's best to always staying prepared for life’s challenges! Good luck!