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The Sweetest Spots to Get Dessert in Charlotte

We must admit that deep down everyone has a sweet tooth. Of course, some people – like me – haven’t really embraced their sweet tooth, but I am here to tell you that I have slowly begun to embrace it and I am oh so happy that I’ve done so!

When you haven’t eaten a lot of sweets in your life, it’s almost impossible to know all of the good spots to go to, which is why I’ve decided to come up with this list to help you navigate your way through all the SWEET spots in Charlotte!

1. Duck Donuts

If you ever want to explore your donut options, Duck Donuts is the way to go! They have donuts that have maple icing with bacon bits on top. Can you say YUM?!

2. Crave Dessert Bar


Yes, a dessert bar! Not only do they have dessert platters, but they also have dessert inspired beverages. They have desserts and drinks here, but there is also a hookah lounge! Girl’s night out, anyone?

3. Rita’s Italian Ice

You can never go wrong with Italian ice! Rita’s has some of the BEST custard that you will have ever tasted. Don’t believe me? How about we go out and try some? ;)

4. Ninety’s Sandwiches and Ice Cream

Not only does this place have endless ice cream choices, but you can also get your ice cream in a donut sandwich! From simple flavors to extravagant cereal inspired flavors, your choices are endless!

5. Insomnia Cookies

One of the best places to get cookies! They have some of the greatest cookies, hands down, and they stay open pretty late! Not to mention, they also DELIVER!

Add these 5 locations to your travel list, Collegiettes, and treat yo’ self to some awesome dessert! I’m positive you won’t regret it! Be sure to tag us on instagram (@hcwinthrop)!

Itzel Lara

Winthrop '20

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