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Spring Playlist: Let Me Put You on to Some Good Songs

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Tired of listening to the same songs over and over again? (Or not if you’re like me and never really get tired of listening to the same song). Want to discover new categories of music? Well, you came to the right article because I’ve got some songs that you might wanna add to your spring playlist. From independent music to hip hop, there’s bound to be at least one song that I might put you on.

  1. “Stargazing” by The Neighborhood

This song is by far one of my favorites. It has such a light and nostalgic aesthetic about it, almost like going on a summertime adventure and finding your soulmate. Oddly specific I know, but trust me, if you listen to it you’ll know exactly what I mean.

2. “Sign” by Liana Flores

“Sign” by Liana Flores has a peaceful vibe to it, almost like I’m at the beach. The lyrics are relatable in a way because at one point at another, you had to have been in a situation where you had to push someone out your life because they’re no good for you.

3. “Fetish” by Selena Gomez

I don’t know what else to say about this song other than it’s a solid 10/10. If you’re feeling insecure or need a pick me up song, this is definitely it. You’ll feel like a baddie for sure after listening to this song.

4. “Infruntami” by Steve Lacy

It’s a short song, but it’s definitely a song you’d play with the window downs during a nighttime ride. Any song by Steve Lacy is honestly a vibe and if you like this song, you’ll definitely love “Dark Red” or “Ryde”.

5. “All to Me” by Giveon

I honestly love Giveon because his music is the epitome of what R&B is and he has no bad songs in my opinion. From “Chicago Freestyle” to “Like I Want You” is straight vibes.

6. “Death and Taxes” by Daniel Caesar

Daniel Caesar, Giveon, and Steve Lacy all make the most beautiful and soulful music. If you listen to their music, it’ll take you to another dimension, all jokes aside. What I really love about “Death and Taxes” is that the music makes you ponder life as a whole and your place in the universe. 100/10

7. “Back in Blood” by Pooh Shiesty ft. Lil Durk

“Back in Blood” is a harsh contrast to every other peaceful song in this playlist and to be honest, I don’t listen to rap like that. But, I can’t like and say this song is fire. From the flow to the piano in the background and the beat, this is most definitely a song to hype you up, especially at a party.

8. “Telepatia” by Kali Uchis

I don’t know what else to say about this song is that it’s a 10/10. The vibe is immaculate and the fact Kali Uchis sings in the Spanish just makes the song even better.

9. “Issues/Hold On” by Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor’s voice is absolutely amazing and her vocals on this song in particular make you wanna put this song on repeat. What I love about this song is how it talks about two people in love who actually try to make their relationship work despite their own problems. Not that there are no other songs about healthy relationships in R&B, only that her song about it really stands out to me.

10. Tyler the Creator

As you can see, I didn’t add a song for Tyler the Creator because you should listen to all his music. I saved him for last because his music is eccentric, but amazing. A lot of the time he’s bashed for his unique identity in his music, but I think that stems from society’s inability to accept eccentricity. All his songs may seem weird, but if you listen to them, you might be surprised at how much you may like them. A couple suggestions I have are “IFHY”, “911/Mr. Lonely”, “New Magic Wand”, and “Gravity” with Brent Faiyaz.

I could list a hundred great songs, but this article would quickly turn into a ten page essay and no one wants to read essays in their free time. However, I hope in reading this article, I put you on to at least song or artist. You’d be surprised the music you’d like if you broadened your horizon. It’s kind of like food; you never know what you’re missing until you try something new.

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