Spin The Bottle With Spindrift

Okay ladies, let's take a moment to appreciate the simplicity and delight we get from being able to crack open a cold and refreshing sparkling water from Her Campus' sponsor, Spindrift?  It's so refreshing and the plethora of flavors that Spindrift has just makes your taste buds reach out for more!  Plus, how many times have you said that you need to drink more H20? Girl, me too and drinking a sparkling flavored water from our sponsor just makes getting that needed water in-take much easier. 


Now, for my gals who are of the legal age, let's take a moment to appreciate these drinks and take a SPIN on a classic sparkling water. In our Her Campus Survival Kits, we received the cucumber and strawberry flavors which paired beautifully with a number of alcoholic beverages.


However, my personal favorites were: 

Daily's mixers- Strawberry Daiquiri with the strawberry Spindrift  Daily's cocktails- Lemon Lime spiked soda with the cucumber and strawberry Spindrifts! 

Arbor Mist's Pink Moscato Raspberry flavor paired and tasted delicious with the strawberry spindrift  Cupcake Moscoto D'Atsi (a sweet flavored white wine) was delicious with the strawberry Spindrift. 

You can also spin add a shot of vodka (flavored or not) or your favorite hard liquor to either of these flavors!   


Have fun with these drinks, Collegiettes! Spin the bottle, take a sip and enjoy the classic Spindrift with your favorite alcoholic beverage.