A Skincare Routine On A College Budget

As I’ve gotten older I  have become more and more aware of how important it is to have a good skincare routine, especially in college. But I’ve also realized how ridiculously expensive good products are. However, through much trial and error, I have finally found a routine to get great skin and avoid having to take out a small loan. 


First up cleansers: 

With this comes my holy grail of products, micellar water. I know you’ve probably seen 2389034 commercials on this stuff but trust me it’s incredible. Not only is it the best product to take off makeup at night, it is great to use in the morning as a cleanser. So it’s kind of a two for one. 

*available at Target and Ulta ($8.99) 


If you're needing a little more of deep clean than the micellar water provides, look no further than Aveeno Baby Wash. I know what you may be thinking, 'baby wash.....?' but trust me on this. It’s really gentle on the skin and leaves you feeling clean without your face feeling tight. It's also great to use as body wash. 



There is always a large debate on whether or not to use toner and I say absolutely! And the absolute best one I’ve tried it Thayers Formula, witch hazel, and rose water. Both ingredients have wonderful skin benefits such as, reducing redness and skin irritation. It does a great job of balancing out the skin and also removing any residue that might have been left behind by the cleanser. 

*Available at Target ($10) 



If there’s one thing I believe in splurging on its moisturizer. Even though some of them are ridiculously expensive, have no fear! There is a way to get higher end products without the full price, it’s as easy as getting a smaller size! 

Take my personal favorite, Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel, by buying the smaller size I am spending on $14 as opposed to the full size $23 bottle. And because you use such a small amount it lasts for a long time.  

*Available at Ulta and Sephora ($14) 



Like moisturizer, there is a way to get higher end products without paying full price. This can also be done by way of handy travel sizes or something I've seen at Sephora! 

I’ve recently discovered a 'kiosk' if you will, in the skin care section with minis of all the Origins skincare masks, my personal favorite! This set-up allows you to pick and choose five of the mini containers for $25 or buy them individually at $4 each. Although it doesn't look like much I have been able to get about seven good uses out of them.  

*Available at Sephora, in-store and online 


If you wanted something a little cheaper from drugstore products that actually work, the formula 10.0.6 masks will be your new best friend! With a large range for all skin types and needs, this is stuff that actually works and won’t make you literally shed a tear while you swipe your card.  

*Available at Target and Ulta (prices range from $6.99-$10.99) 


I can’t promise you flawless results but I can promise that these products actually work and allow you to keep up a good routine without breaking the bank or taking too much time out of our busy days. Try these out and let us know what you think by tagging and following @hcwinthrop on Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter! Stay beautiful collegiettes!