Should Ladies Shoot Their Shot: A Male Perspective

As you all know cuffing season is upon us and some of us have yet to get “cuffed up”.

Many of you like me are waiting for Mr. Right to approach us and say “hey cutie what’s your name”, but ladies it’s 2018 and roles are changing.

Growing up I’ve always been told that a man should approach a woman because it shows he is truly interested in her. However, it’s 2018 and I hear more and more everyday about women asking men out on dates. For the longest time I thought “yeah women ask men out on dates, but doesn't that make them look desperate?” and then I realized this may not be the case.

I decided to ask guys how they feel about women asking men out on dates, and here are some of their responses:

I think girls should ask guys out on dates. Girls are human, also they like us as much as we like them. With that being said, we aren't mind readers. Most girls see "shooting their shot" as just looking at the guy or liking pictures on Instagram. That can be seen as friendly behavior. Not really to their fault, as they are raised to be presentable enough to attract the attention from men in order for the men to shoot their shot.”  Dameon Outz, 22


“I think it is fine for females to ask guys on dates. Men shouldn't have to be the ones to initiate it every time. I think it is a turn on when females ask men on dates because it shows that they are genuinely interested. But, I also think females think that it would make them seem desperate since that’s not how things usually go.” Dj Mays, 20


I feel like if it's the first date the guy should ask the girl out. I mean but it also depends on the relationship between the two. For example, say y'all are at work or something and she ask if you want to go get lunch. I don't think the guy's pride would be hurt but say they go on a real date and the girl asked them out, I think the guy's pride be lowkey hurt. However if they been dating a while then it shouldn't matter of the girl wants to take the guy out. Really, every guy wants to be the man but if he wanted to talk you for real, the girl never would have had the chance to even ask.” Trey lee, 21


So ladies I guess it is okay for us to shoot our shots with our crushes…but my concern is how will you really know if a guy is truly interested in you if you approach him first, because it completely eliminates the chase factor in dating.

He no longer has to work to prove his interest in you because you’re already interested so there's no work for him to do. I think after hearing these responses that maybe it is okay for women to ask a men out but, I haven’t heard many success stories of this actually working. 


So ladies the choice is yours. Do what works for you! HCXO