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Sexy Halloween Costumes: A Feminist Perspective

Sexy Halloween costumes generate plenty of comments ranging from “Isn’t she cold?” to “That’s so sexist!” I’m here to say yes, she is cold (freezing even), but she isn’t being sexist! 

While many women find sexy costumes to be degrading and demoralizing, others may find them empowering. Modesty empowers some. “Sexiness” empowers others. And neither point of view is wrong!

The only thing un-feminist about sexy Halloween costumes is judging women based on what they choose to wear one night of the year.

The un-feminist thing to do is throw around labels like “slut” and “prude” and tear your fellow women down for something as arbitrary as their clothing choices.

I’m a feminist in training, like I hope many of you are, and I am constantly learning  to be more and more culturally competent. That’s just a fancy academic way of saying that I’m working on being “woke.” From what I’ve learned so far it’s totally okay to wear your sexy costume with pride… and maybe a long sleeve shirt because chances are you’re probably cold. 

As long as the costume is not culturally appropriative or insensitive and you feel comfortable wearing it, go ahead and rock that sexy nurse costume! Or that geeky reference costume or the modest mouse costume. Just watch out for sexy cats…they’re everywhere! And that’s perfectly okay too!

Meow babe, you’re killing the costume game. Happy Halloween ladies! Don’t forget to support your fellow babes this spooky season!


Jordan Hayes

Winthrop '21

Hello! I’m a sophomore transfer student at Winthrop. I’m studying social work and dedicating my spare time to my artistry and weird folk music.
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