The Return of the Scrunchie

Everyone’s favorite accessory is making a comeback… the SCRUNCHIE!!!

This accessory is a must-have because you can style it with literally anything and everything!

It pairs well with every outfit, and not to mention they come in so many different designs! Not only do they come in different designs, but they’re also in different materials (silk, velvet, etc.) and they’re usually always just so soft! They are so easy to find! You can even get a 3-pack of them at Wal-Mart for only $2! Now that's a steal!

Scrunchies are quite literally the best because they don’t tug on your hair like most elastic hair bands would! They also don’t leave that awkward crease in your hair (yay!) Do you ever get headaches from your hair band being tooooo tight? Well you don’t have to fear that with scrunchies! Scrunchies are neat to have because you can even DIY some! They are pretty easy to make, and you can design them pretty much however you’d like! You can also create SO many different hairstyles with a single scrunchie! A simple hairstyle can automatically look cuter just by adding a scrunchie!

If high-waisted jeans and crop tops are making a come-back, then why can’t scrunchies? Am I right? (Yes I am)

Scrunchies are hands down, the BEST accessory. Don’t worry about losing them because they’ll be easier to find than a hair tie!

Collegiettes, if you don’t have a scrunchie, are you even trendy? Tag @hcwinthrop in your Instagram posts so we can see how you style your scrunchies!!