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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Winthrop chapter.

Constantly traveling back and forth between my hometown and college (a sometimes grueling two-hour drive) and working in a quiet environment at my job, has given me a lot of time to listen. This led me down the road of looking into podcasts, with which I have become infatuated, so I have compiled my kinda sporadic podcast taste to share with you guys, my lovely readers.

For my true-crime muderinos: My Favorite Murder

This podcast gives off the vibes of your two wine aunts trying to retell a dateline episode. They cover varying true crime stories like robberies, unsolved/solved murder cases, and amazing survival stories or weird weather events. They also cover stories sent in by listeners in mini-episodes.

Karen and Georgia are hilarious yet respectful and make my drives and hours typing at work more bearable. I also like the little community they have built and I get really excited when I see anything tagged with SSDGM (listen to the show to find out what that stands for ;) ). This is definitely one of my favorites but I offer a trigger warning before listening to various topics, they list all potential trigger warnings in the episode if you want to skip certain podcasts.

For my gossip girl-loving foodies: Fed Up!

This is the shortest on the list, but it is filled with boiling tea about the legal battle of Emily Gillis and Tonya Zuckerbrot over the devastating side effects of the F-factor diet and how far people will go for a little bit of fame. This podcast is in the style of New York’s favorite gossiper, gossip girl, and, while full of explicit language, is an interesting deep dive into the lives of social media influencers and how far they will go to keep their lifestyle. I feel this is a good lunch break or road trip playlist, it is easy and entertaining and has my jaw hit the floor a few times with how bad diet culture has gotten. Trigger warning though, there are mentions of eating disorders and miscarriage.

Speaking of people lying for gain: Scamfluencers 

This is a podcast I recently found (funny enough from an ad in my favorite murder) and have just started listening to the week this article is written, and I am already hooked. This podcast is about the world’s worst scammed stories and it’s actually pretty interesting to hear how far people will go for control and money. Each story lasts about 2 to 3 episodes and each story is crazier than the last. This covers true stories of people who have gone out of their way to scam and harm others being taken down and the victims getting the justice they deserve. They cover everything from Ponzi schemes to fake princes. The two hosts Scaachi Koul and Sarah Hagi are young, relatable, and hilarious and I can’t wait to get further into this podcast. 

For my gamers with the Office type humor: Dungeons and Daddies 

This podcast is another one that I recently started listening to. It follows a group of friends playing a DND campaign in which they are all dads searching for their missing children and it is hilarious. Each person in the group has their own personality that shines through and it is hilarious. They also break down DND terms for those who do not play, and I highly recommend it if you want a laugh.

For my weirdos with dry humor: Welcome to Nightvale

This podcast follows the local news station of the town of Nightvale, a government-tested little town in the middle of the desert. This show has sporadic humor and also follows the life of the host, Cical. I’m not really sure how to explain this podcast, as it is very random, but to me it is funny and my boyfriend and I recommend it.

For my horror fans: Alice isn’t Dead

This is based on a book written by the creators of Welcome to Nightvale and follows a female trucker searching for her missing wife Alice across the country who is assumed to be dead, but sends cryptic messages still. Creepy paranormal things begin happening to the driver on her journey, with people running in front of the car and disappearing to driving through burning towns that don’t exist on any map. This is a good podcast if you want an interesting little bit of paranormal wondering to your day.

Breanna Gayle is a senior Special Education major here at Winthrop as well as an exec member for Chi Omega and Circle of Sisterhood!! She is also a member of the Council for Exceptional Children. She can usually be seen hanging around campus with friends or getting an iced coffee. She is very excited and honored to be a part of the Her Campus crew!!