This Online Store Has Taken the Term "Affordable Makeup" To A Whole New Level

Hey ladies! If you’re like me, you love makeup, but hate the price. Makeup can be so expensive, but now you don’t have to break the bank to get good products! Shop Miss A is a great online retailer that provides good quality makeup products for only $1.00!! That’s right ladies—everything Shop Miss A sells is only ONE DOLLAR! I’m a loyal customer of this website, so I’ve done a review of some of the products I’ve gotten and loved!

Amuse Flawless Liquid Foundation

I use this liquid foundation in the shade Medium Beige. The line comes in six colors, two of which are lighter than my shade, and three of which are darker than my shade. I really like how easy this product is to use because it's a tube, and I really like how it applies. I will admit that it applies MUCH easier and smoother if you have a primer on first (which you should anyway to save your pores from breakouts!!) but other than that, it's a great product!!

Santee 2 in 1 Concealer Duo 1

I use this duo concealer in the shade 01, but there are six shades in the Duo 1 line. There's also a second line, the Duo 2, which as another six shades for a wider range of skin tones. I really like the cream stick on this concealer, but the liquid concealer is... dissapointing. The cream stick has good coverage and is easy to blend, and while the liquid is easy to blend out, it is very light coverage and sheer, which I don't look for in a concealer. But if that's you're thing, then this is great all around!

Beauty Treats Concealer Stick

I use this concealer in shade 03, which is slightly darker than my skin tone and again, this product comes in six different shades. I really like this one because I use it as sort of a color correcting concealer under my eyes to get rid of dark circles before I use my liquid concealer. It spreads and blends nicely, and the pointed tip makes it super easy to apply close under the eye. 

Malibu Glitz Uptown Girl and Golden Goddess Eyeshadow Palettes

This is a more neutral brown palette of eyeshadows, and is one of four palettes in this line. I LOVE the Golden Goddess palette because the black shadow is VERY black, and great to use to tightline the eyes! I like using it to tightline more than using eyeliner, because it doesn't make my eyelashes stick together like eyeliner does, and the pigmentation is just as good! The Uptown Girl palette is also great for an everyday look! The best part of these palettes is that they're small enough to take on the go and have every color you would need to create a super cute eye look!

Santee Silky Touch Palettes

These palettes are honestly so nice. The shadows aren't dry and loose, but they also aren't too packed in there, and the shimmer is to die for! This palette comes in four different shades, and I have the second and third ones in the pictures above. I love using them for a nice shimmer on my lids and for highlighting my inner corners! I love the wide variety of colors you can get in one palette, and how they all tie in together if you want to go for a completely glittery look!

Kleancolor Alpha Girl Shadow, Liner, and Brow Kit Palette

This palette is a combo palette, and it comes with six eyeshadow colors, three eyebrow powders, and three packed eyeliner colors. This is the “Paris” palette, but it comes in four other color combinations for a wider variety of eyeshadow and brow colors! I absolutely love the shadows in this palette, but I love the eyebrow powders! They're more packed than an eyeshadow, but not as tacky and stiff as an eyebrow pencil or crayon would be. Plus, you can mix and match the colors to get your perfect brow shade!

Kleancolor Perfectionist Shadow Kit Palette

This palette I have in the shade “push and bull” and comes with 24 powder eyeshadows! This palette also comes in three other styles with a wide variety of other shades, ranging from neutrals to electric colors like blue and purple. These shadows are a little looser than other palettes, but that just makes them easier to blend out! The pigmentation is great, and these palettes have so many different colors in them it's almost impossible to create the same look twice! There's endless options!

Kleancolor Day to Night Smokey Kit Palette

This palette I have in the style “sultry and seductive” and comes with 5 different shadow compartments labelled with their use right on the product! It also comes in four other shades ranging from reds, blues, greens, and neutrals. These palettes are great if you need a little extra help figuring out where certain colors should go to make a killer look, and the shadows are great! They go on SO nicely, and there's a lot of product in each palette since there are two color combinations!

Santee Brow Powder Kit

This brow kit is in shade “dark blonde” and comes with two brow powder colors. It is available in three more forms with darker and lighter colors than this one! These brow powders are similar to the ones in the "Paris" eyeshadow, brow, and liner kit, and it even comes with a little brush! I really like this because it does come with two colors that you can mix and match, and the little "eraser" on the end of the brush make it easy to clean up mistakes!

Kleancolor Baby Got Waterproof Mascara

This mascara only comes in black, but it's waterproof! The wand is a pretty standard size, so you get good volume and length with it still being waterproof. Added bonus: it smells AMAZING. I don't know what it is about these products but they smell SO good!

Kleancolor Baby Got Length Mascara

Just like the Baby Got Waterproof mascara, this mascara also only comes in black. It has a little bit bigger of a wand for length, and it's similar to the microfiber mascara you can get at a drugstore. This product gives so much length without making lashes look heavy and clumpy. It also smells good, just like the other one! This has been one of my favorite mascaras, and it's definitely a go-to for me when I want long, light eyelashes. 

Mixed Makeup Sponge Set

I honestly don't think I'll ever run out of sponges again. This mix comes with 12 different sponges of all different shapes, sizes, and levels of squishiness, so there's definitely a sponge in there for anything you might need! I love using a big cone-like sponge to blend my concealer, because it has a thin tapered end and a thinck bouncy end, which is perfect for wide coverage and getting into the small spaces under my eyes! 

AOA Studio 10-piece HI-DEF Brush Set + Brush Roll

This ten-piece brush set comes with 5 super fluffy eye brushes and 5 face brushes that you could use for foundation, powder, contour, or anything else! These brushes are so so soft and so easy to use, and the various shapes they come in give you a brush for every technique you know! Plus, the vegan roll is a free gift when you get the brushes in the set instead of individually!

Princessa Angled Eyeshadow Brush

Confession: I've had this brush for over a year now and I haven't been able to get the black eyeshadow stain out of it. I mostly use this brush to tightline my eyes with the black eyeshadow from the Malibu Glitz Golden Goddsss palette, and I've stained the brush permanently black because of it. It's only because this brush is the perfect size to tightline thought! It's big enough to cover my waterline quickly, and soft enough to do it painlessly, and I just love it!

Kleancolor Flat Eyeshadow Brush

Another confession: I religiously used this brush to put eyeshadow in my crease before I realized I should have been using it for my lids. Either way, it works great for both! It's a relatively medium sized brush, so it picks up a good amount of eyeshadow without going overboard. It's also stiff enough to be able to control how much product you pick up, but still soft enough to spread it and blend well!

Kleancolor Blush Brush

I LOVE this blush brush! I know highlighter is more in style than blush at this point, but I still love to use a little blush every now and then! This brush is the perfect size and it's SO soft and moveable so you don't get a huge splotch of unblended blush when you apply with this brush!

BR Pure Matte Lipsticks

The BR Pure Matte lipsticks come in six pink and red toned lipsticks with a variety of light and dark shades, and I have them in the shades "pure wine" (first in the picture) and "pure matte" (fourth in the picture). These are honestly the best and longest lasting matte lipsticks I've tried that aren't liquid. They go on pretty smoothly and they don't feel as drying as liquid lipsticks do, and they definitely stay on better than a regular cream lipstick does!

Santee Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Shop Miss A has a lot of liquid lipstick lines from Santee. They have a standard color one, which you can see above, and they have two specailty lines with a different selection of colors. The Berry Tones line has 6 shades of pinks and purples, and the Nudes line has 8 different nude shades (obviously). These liquid lipsticks are super smooth and they're really pigmented, so you really only need one good coat to do the trick! They also smell good like the mascaras did which is a little weird but honestly, I'm just thankful for makeup that doesn't smell like chemicals. 

Starry Creamy Matte Lipsticks

These matte lipsticks honestly feel like a more solid version of a liquid lipstick. They stay on really well when you want them too and come off easily with a makeup wipe, but they do have the same drying effect liquid lipsticks do. That being said, the colors are still really great and it's still super easy to apply. 

Princessa Creamy Matte Lipsticks 1

These lipsticks come in two different lines. The Creamy Matte Lipstick 1 line is pictured above, and mostly has pink and red shades. The second line, Creamy Matte Lipsticks 2, comes in a wider variety of six pink and purple lipsticks. These lipsticks are definitely named correctly; they are super creamy lipsticks! These lipsticks are super pigmented and shiny like any regular lipstick, but you have to be careful with these. They come with the same risk of smudging or getting on your teeth that a regular lipstick would, so watch out! Other than it being subject to smudging, these lipsticks are great!

Ladies, there are so many more products, accessories, and items I didn't list here, so pop on over to Miss A's website to check out their whole selection! If you like what you see there and want to support them further, they also have a second store where items are a little pricier (but still super cheap!) and they have a wider variety of makeup, accessories, and clothes!