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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Winthrop chapter.

If there’s one thing that always gets me in the mood for autumn, it’s video games. There’s nothing quite like sitting down with your Switch—curled up in some blankets and pillows, or even sitting outside on a park bench and watching the leaves fall—and playing some games. If you’ve been in the market (or the eShop) and need some recommendations, here are my favorite Switch games that I’ll be playing this fall.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Starting off with a classic. Animal Crossing is popular for a reason: you play at your own pace, decorate your own spaces, and talk with cute animals. What more could you possibly want? Although the game takes place on an island, you won’t be disappointed with its autumnal season; with Animal Crossing, each day is a day in real life, so each day of leaf-crunching and coffee-drinking for you is the same for your character. Not to mention that with each season, you get cute furniture and items to craft, and trust me—the fall ones are worth it.

Stardew valley

Life in 16-bits ain’t so bad! In this farming sim game, you tend to your crops, sell and live off the land, and make friends with the townsfolk. Though this game does not move in real time like Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley‘s fall season is one of my favorites in the game. You attend fun festivals, grow pretty crops, and the soundtrack for this part of the game is just lovely. If you’re like me and play favorites with the villagers, make sure to befriend Elliott in the fall. The aesthetics are just wonderful.

Night in the woods

I have a tradition where I play this game every fall, and I always underestimate just how much I look forward to it. In Night in the Woods, you play as Mae Borowski as she returns to her hometown from college, only to find that some changes have been made—and they’re a bit unsettling. If you want a fall-themed game to sit down and play, but still like a good unsettling plot, I definitely recommend this game. It makes me laugh, think, and cry all in one go, and only takes about 10 hours to complete! A perfect creepy addition to all the coziness.


I love a good visual/interactive novel, and Coffee Talk is just that. In this pixelated game, you play as a bartender in a modern-day fantasy setting who owns a coffee shop that’s only open at night. You meet a wide variety of characters, who all become regulars as the game goes on, and you watch as their lives go on despite all the hardships they bring into the cafe. Not only do you get to listen to their stories, but you also get to make them coffee, which is probably one of my favorite mechanics ever in a video game. And, if you’re not looking for a game that’s a big commitment, the main story only takes about 3 hours, so no hard feelings.


I first played this game in November of last year, in two sittings. To The Moon has one of the most creative premises for such a short game—you play as two doctors, who help the elderly achieve their lifelong dreams by going backwards through their memories to make it happen. If you’re looking for a game that will break your heart, this is it. And, for the best seasonal experience, play this game while it’s raining. Trust me.

Hi, my name is Raegan! I'm a freshman majoring in Journalism at Winthrop University. Alongside writing, I love to paint, read, play D&D, and nerd out about video games and music. Feel free to join me in my rambles! :)