My Favorite YouTubers: Jess and Gabriel Conte

If you love watching YouTube, then you most likely look for people and videos that make you laugh, keep you entertained, inspire you, or simply distract you from your homework (trust me, I’m guilty of that too).

Well if you’re looking for any suggestions as to what to watch, I highly recommend Jess and Gabriel Conte. They are an adorable Christian married couple who make weekly vlogs about their daily lives, family, friends, their travels, and Christian advice. They are on my list of favorite YouTubers to watch because their videos always make me laugh, and they continue to uplift me with their words of encouragement and friendly faces.

I could recommend so many of their videos to get you introduced to them, but I just have to start with their wedding video (I cry every time!). But here are a few essential things you need to know about Jess and Gabriel Conte that will make you fall in love with them just as much as I have:

1. Hilarious and Kind

They never pressure their fans or throw Christianity in your face to make you believe in God. Rather, they just exude God’s love and kindness in all of their videos, and they always try to live for the Lord and His purpose. They are such a cute couple who do tons of hilarious YouTube challenges and activities. Their vlogs are also very wholesome and entertaining as they capture their daily lives:

Couples Yoga Challenge:

Handcuffed to My Best Friend for a Day:

We Took a Stranger to Disneyland:

We Pulled Our First All Nighter Together:

They’re also incredibly honest with their fans about their lives and the marketing they do on their social media. They are so trustworthy, and they truly love every product they promote. They also love being YouTubers and being able to inspire others with their stories. They talk a lot about how they got through their long distance relationship--because Jess is from Australia while Gabriel is from America--and overcame different struggles with that. With Jess, most recently, she's had to endure the long process of acquiring her residency so that she could travel out of the United States once she moved here after marrying Gabe. That means she couldn't go home to see her family or leave the country for any reason for 2 and a half years!!

The Truth about Being YouTubers:

Going Home – Episode 1:

2. Singers and Entertainers 

Another amazing quality about them is that they’re both singers! The Contes at the moment have 6 EPs out of the two of them singing different covers from varying genres. Their voices blend amazingly together, and the songs they choose to cover are some of the most recognizable love songs, Christian songs, and Christmas songs out there. Also, the music videos they’ve posted on YouTube for some of the songs are beautiful in every way.

They also JUST released a new Christmas EP called "I'll Be Home, Vol. II" as of November 19th (and it’s absolutely fantastic), so go check it out to get into the holiday spirit!

3. Female Inspiration from Jess

If you’re into home décor, beauty products, and personally empowering videos, Jess has her own YouTube channel that is full of amazing content for young women. Her videos are edited amazingly, and her videos are always so positive and peaceful. She’s such an inspiration for being a strong and positive believer in Christ, and she is always encouraging her fans to be the kindest people they can be.

Guest Bedroom/Bathroom tour:

Life Update (Residency, therapy, anxiety, faith):

Clothing Company Styles Me for a Week:

4. Merch!

They’re not only entertainers, but they’re successful entrepreneurs in different fields! Gabriel has established a line called Conteam Clothing products, accessories, and phone cases that look amazing and can send a positive message about the channel, the couple, and their vision for fans to be a community of positive people. Referring back to Jess’s love of a simple, modern aesthetic, she also has her own online store called Harper and Willow that's filled with stationary, calendars, and personal accessories like shirts, handbags, and keychains with inspiring words and bible verses.

I highly encourage you to go check them out on their social media below! Their relationship is a wonderful representation of what lovers of Christ should be, and they are such a refreshing YouTube channel to spend your time watching.

Instagram: @jess and @gabrielconte

"Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God." [Hebrews 13:16]