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My Favorite Show Over The Summer: The Summer I Turned Pretty

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Winthrop chapter.

The Summer I Turned Pretty is a book series written by Jenny Han. The book series follows a young girl named Isabel Conklin ( Played by Lola Tung) but her close friends and family call her Belly. In the books they follow her from fifteen years of age to young adult in college although there are some flashbacks and flash forwards in the series as well.

But the main focus is on the coming of age romance between Belly Conklin and the Fisher brothers Jeremiah (Played by Gavin Casalegno) and Conrad Fisher (Played by Christopher Briney). Now the name Jenny Han might also look familiar to you because She also wrote a title that you might be familiar with as well and that is To All The Boys I’ve Loved before, which along with The Summer I Turned Pretty has also been made into a movie/film adaptation. The Summer I Turned Pretty came out this past summer on the streaming service Amazon Prime.

Now the first book in the series first came out in 2009 its title is also called “The Summer I Turned Pretty”. But even though the show came out almost two decades after the first book fans of all ages are falling in love with the characters that where brought to life on the page by Jenny Han. The cast of the series is filled with a bunch of new comers who have definitely brought this YA Romance world to life. But you may also be questioning how do I know the actor who plays Jeremiah Fisher, well Gavin Casalegno actually made his first debut playing young Damon Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries Series on The CW.

Now the show does not follow the book exactly because in the book we did not have the delightful event of the debutante ball but both are still very good. I have honestly been obsessed with this series both in book format and in that of the television show because of just how true to the books it remains even with the addition of the debutante ball it still rings true to the original work. The sound track for season one of The Summer I Turned Pretty was just simply amazing because Jenny Han was able to add her input and we got to hear basically the dream soundtrack that we have all envisioned for the first book which has everything from Olivia Rodrigo to Taylor Swift. One of my favorite scenes from the first season was when Conrad stepped in and danced with Belly during the debutante ball. Its that moment that I think every reader is looking for when they first pick up a romance novel not to mention the addition of The Way I Loved You by Taylor Swift playing as Belly and Conrad danced across the screen. Now even though we have all watched the series multiple times or in my case going on seven times. We still have much to look forward to because The Summer I Turned Pretty has been renewed for a second season. So get ready people who are Team Conrad or Team Jeremiah because there is still so much more story to tell.

Elaina Jamrog

Winthrop '24

I am a writer of poetry, fiction, and I write reviews