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My Balanced College Fall Morning Routine

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The leaves are vibrant fall colors, the air is crisp and you can hear the crunching of leaves with every step you take. Outfits are easy, effortless, and chic. Cozy nights inside are now the most acceptable. Motivation is heightened and the urge for a routine has come. In reality, we’re in college… This is easier said than done. I want to walk you all through my balanced college fall morning routine. 

I must first note that I am indeed an early riser, I thrive off of watching the sunrise, being the first one awake to enjoy the quietness and just to be in touch with silence. So take my 6 AM awakening with a grain of salt. 

After my alarm rings around 6-6:30 AM, I grab my phone and check out ( we all do it), I then head to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face using my Curology cleanser when I typically lay my edges. 

Following that, I head to the kitchen to make myself a warm cup of coffee with my fancy espresso machine. Before I start I let up the blinds in the living room to let in some natural light. I get my espresso machine going, and pour in all my ingredients: vanilla syrup, sweet cream creamer, and oat milk. After that, I froth my milk a bit, place an espresso cup under the machine, and then turn the knob to wait for the joy to pour. After cleaning my espresso machine, I grab my ice roller out of the freezer. I head back to my room, place my coffee and ice roller on my nightstand and start making my bed. This is so satisfying. Making your bed in the morning is just the first step towards having a productive day. 

After laying in my freshly made bed, I grab my blanket, and my roommate turns on Youtube. This is by far my favorite part of the morning, I get to sip that warm cup of joy and put on my dearest Youtubers, Danielle Carolan. She’s a New York City-based content creator and her videos just motivate and inspire me. Typically I watch a video or two and then grab my planner to look through how my day is going to go. Sometimes if I’m feeling spicy, I will look on Pinterest and get some outfit inspiration for a crisp cool fall day. 

I’m not a huge breakfast gal but if I feel I won’t be eating until later in the day, I will make myself some eggs and toast or sausage. While I’m in the kitchen, I take my vitamins, I’m currently taking: probiotics, iron, and vitamin C. 

When I’m back in my room after breakfast, I will feed my pet fish named Nantucket, I’ll watch him swim to the surface and grab the food, and smile at him for a few minutes. After this time, I’m typically rushing to get ready because I waited until the last minute, although I wake up at the crack of dawn. Depending on the day of the week, I’m either getting dressed business casual for work or wearing a cute more my-style outfit for a full day of classes. 

This is my balanced college fall morning routine, nothing too crazy, no 5 AM morning pilates classes or an insane morning hike but something realistic for college students and a great way to get your morning started.

xoxo jas

Hello, my name is Jasmine Williams. I am currently a sophomore and I'm majoring in Mass Communication. Other than being on the HC team, I also have a blog and YouTube channel. I'm a Marketing Intern to Winthrop Dining and on the promotions team for Winthrop DSU! I enjoy listening to podcasts and drinking iced coffee.