The Mid-Semester Slump As Told By Samantha Jones

The Fall semester is halfway over, and for many of us, our motivation is seriously lacking. Midterms are either currently happening or just wrapped up, project deadlines are approaching, the food in the caf has lost its appeal, and sleep is the number one priority - this my friends, is known as the mid-semester slump.

It's around this time that students start getting sick, assignments are lucky to get done at all, let alone be done well, and all we want to do is go home. While the majority of us understand that our fellow peers are also experiencing similar feelings of despair, it's still nice to know that we aren't alone

With this in mind, I'd like to present the various feelings of anguish surrounding the mid-semester slump as told by Sex and the City's Samantha Jones. 


1. Seeing girls dressed up for their 8am's when you literally rolled out of bed ten minutes before class 


2. Getting assigned YET ANOTHER project that's due the day you get back from Fall break 


3. When people in your class ask if you want to join a group study session for your midterms but you'd much rather just wing it 


4. Regular exercise is a very faint and distance memory 


5. When someone reminds you how great your grades were last semester 


6. That feeling you get when your midterms, projects, and papers are FINALLY done even though you know it'll get bad again in just a few short weeks 


We're almost done there collegiettes! Finals will be here before you know it and Christmas break is right around the corner! You can make it!