Meet Zina: The Winthrop Honors Association Vice President

Happy President's Day! In recognition of the amazing work our student leaders do on campus, I sat down with Zina Weaver to talk about her leadership role in the honors program here at Winthrop.

Zina is currently the vice president of the honors association. She works tirelessly to create a community for academically high achieving students at Winthrop, especially for incoming freshmen! She is also an RA for an honors floor and uses her talents to help make the transition from high school to college easier for every new honors student. 

Katya: How long have you been the vice president of the Honors Association (WUHA) and what made you want to pursue this position?

Zina: I have been the VP of WUHA for a semester and a half now. I wanted to pursue it because WUHA was one of the first organizations I knew coming in, so I just wanted to leave my mark on it as I was leaving.

Katya: Why is WUHA a valuable and important organization on campus?

Zina: I think whenever you’re coming into Winthrop for the first time, it's very easy to get overwhelmed, and WUHA is a great organization to help make that transition easier for those in the honors program, and it helps facilitate social connections.

Katya: How would you define a leader?

A leader is someone who finds a way to not only succeed but also help other people succeed.

Katya: What's the best part about being the VP of WUHA?

Zina: The best part would be getting to know all of the members of the Honors Program through different events and activities, and through Bigs and Littles.

Katya: What's the most challenging part?

Zina: The most challenging part would be organizing Bigs and Littles and trying to find the right fits for everyone.

Katya: I know you're graduating this year... what advice do you have for the future leaders of WUHA?

Zina: For future leaders I would say to embrace it, instead of trying to be like the leader before you, I'd say bring your own talents and make the position your own.

Thanks Zina! Your hard work, positive attitude, and insight is very much appreciated by all the honors students here at Winthrop.