Llamas, the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Sliced bread. The thing that changed our life, our childhood. It caused the creation of a sandwich. It made a daily appearance in our lunch boxes and occasionally even surfaced at breakfast. It was great. It was the best. The best that is, until llamas.


That’s right. You heard me loud and clear, llamas. You might think these creatures might just be average, but little did you know that is not the case. First off, let’s take a look at the name: LLAMA. Not only does it look cool, a double-L at the beginning of the word, ending in an ‘A,’ but also lends itself towards some pretty good puns. I love me some “No Proba-Llama” and “Como se Llama?” just as much as the next guy.

Next we’ll take a look at this elegant creature itself. Wooly mamalia. Similar to that of a goat, a sheep, or better yet an Alpaca. With hair so fine, and a smile that could brighten anyone’s day. Its entrancing gaze as it stares majestically off into the distance. Could there be anything finer?


Now it’s demeanor. Social butterflies, yet withdrawn at the same time. Listen carefully and one might be able to hear the humming. The humming of contentment. The humming of communication. The humming of llamas. But, just like the rest of us, push our buttons too much and they become territorial. Llamas, so relatable, so unique.

And if they weren’t already fantastic enough, we can rent them! That’s right, they can become our friends! Want them at a social gathering? Ha, they can be there.  Want one at your Birthday Party? Yup, they can be there too. Want one at your wedding? You’d better believe they’ll be thrilled to be a part of your bridal party! Sliced bread ain’t got nothing on them.


After reading this, do you think there could be anything better than llamas? Yeah, me either. Except Alpacas, now don’t get me started on Alpacas.

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