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Leighton Wise: President of Pi Kappa Phi

Name: Leighton Wise

Year: Senior

Major: Biology

Hometown: Hartsville, South Carolina 

1. What brought you to Winthrop?

When looking for a university to attend, I was seeking an institution which was known for having a close knit community. After visiting 3-4 schools in the state, it became very apparent that Winthrop’s campus was the friendly community I was looking for in pursuing my college career.

2. Why did you want to go Greek?

The first group of people to reach out to me my first semester at Winthrop were/are members of the Fraternal community. They were the first ones to make me feel welcome to campus, and exemplified the sense of community I was looking for.

3. Why did you choose Pi Kapp?

Well, at the conclusion of my first semester at Winthrop, I received news that one of my closest family members had suddenly become very ill. Unfortunately, things turned for the worst and she passed away Christmas morning of 2012. There were two groups of people who reached out to me during that hard time, my non-Greek “freshmen friends”, and 3 Pi Kapps. When those Pi Kapps reached out to me, it meant a lot and helped me get through that hard time with my family and I in return gained a lot of respect for the men in this organization.

4. How have you grown during your time in Pi Kapp?

I’ve grown in Pi Kapp through all of the leadership opportunities this organization has given me. Without Pi Kappa Phi, there is no doubt in my mind that I would not be who or where I am at today, and I am grateful and honored to be a part of this organization.

5. What made you want to be the president of your chapter?

I wanted to be President for my chapter to help guide the chapter into becoming and staying as one of the best organizations on Winthrop’s campus; as well as becoming one of the best chapters of Pi Kappa Phi. I am honored to have this opportunity and am still very excited to help guide my chapter to success.

6. What qualities do you think a good leader needs to have?

Qualities of a good leader should consist of: good listener, great motivator, willing to make and own up to his/her mistakes, courage, and commitment.

7. What are some of your duties as president?

As president I don’t have specific tasks as the rest of my Executive Council does, however I am essentially the support system for my EC and other chapter members. I guide and assist my chapter in becoming what we call the Ideal Chapter. The Ideal Chapter is one who continuously lives up to the Student Creed of Pi Kappa Phi as well as living up to and practicing the values which are encrypted into the creed. My job as president is to help and guide us into becoming an Ideal Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi.

8. What else are you involved in on campus?

I’m currently involved with Ambassadors; I serve as a member on the Parking Appeals Committee; I’m currently the Vice Chair of the Fraternal Conduct Board; and I will actually be serving as the Chair for this springs Fraternal New Member Conference.

9. What are your plans after graduation?

After graduation, I anticipate attending an Accelerated Nursing Program where I hope to receive my BSN, and eventually become a nurse practitioner.

10. How do you think being president and being a member of Pi Kapp in general will help you in your post college life?

Being President and a member of Pi Kappa Phi has increased my leadership capabilities, my social and communication skills, as well as aided to my skills for crisis and conflict management. All of which are outstanding skills to have in a career.

11. What is one thing that not a lot of people know about you?

Hmm… Most people don’t know that I was actually a pretty big band geek in high school and actually used to be a music education major.

12. If you could meet any celebrity who would it be and why?

I’d have to say Morgan Freeman. In a lot of his movies, he plays roles of very important and strong leaders that have inspired a lot of todays leaders. He’s also got a cool voice, so talking to him in person would be neat!

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