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The Latest Beef in Hip-Hop: Eminem vs. Machine Gun Kelly

In case y’all didn’t know, Collegiettes, there is currently some beef between the Real Slim Shady and Machine Gun Kelly.  I know what you’re thinking. Who would dare diss Eminem, the king of battle rap? Surprisingly though, Machine Gun Kelly is holding his own.

Apparently, this entire feud was fueled from a tweet that Machine Gun Kelly posted in 2012 about Eminem’s daughter, Hailie.  

In the tweet, Kelly makes a pass towards 17-year-old Hailie, calling her hot while still paying his respects to Eminem. As most Stans know, Eminem does not take anything about his daughter lightly, and of course, he did not appreciate Kelly’s tweet about her.

It took Eminem 6 years to publicly get his revenge on Machine Gun Kelly, but he did so with the release of his newest surprise album Kamikaze.

In his song, “Not Alike,” Eminem references Kelly’s tweet about Hailie with the following verse: 

“If you wanna come at me with a sub, Machine Gun

And I’m talkin’ to you,

But you already know who the f**k you are, Kelly

I don’t use sublims and sure as f**ck don’t sneak diss,

But keep commenting on my daughter Hailie”

Eminem clearly doesn’t play when it comes to anything but especially his daughter, Hailie.

Shortly after the release of Eminem’s album, Machine Gun Kelly dropped an entire diss track about Eminem.

Cynically titled “Rap Devil,” Kelly makes several disses about Eminem from the way he dresses to his age to his attitude. In one of the verses, Kelly dismisses Eminem’s new music and claims he’s owed an apology:

“You’re not getting better with time

It’s fine, Eminem, put down the pen

Or write an apology

Over the simple fact you had to diss to acknowledge me

I am the prodigy”

This isn’t the worst thing he said about Eminem in the song.

Eminem, as expected, ultimately came back with another diss track towards Machine Gun Kelly titled “Pac-Man.”

In this track, Eminem disrespects Kelly along with all “mumble rappers,” including direct jabs towards Lil Pump and Lil Yachty. Eminem imitates mumble rappers’ use of autotune and lyric content while also mocking Kelly’s previous diss towards him. In one of the verses, Eminem mentions Machine Gun Kelly’s daughter:

“How’s your little daughter?

Hopefully not getting involved in needles like her drug addicted father”

Eminem continues to rip Kelly apart in this most recent diss, but I’m sure Kelly will come back shortly with a response. Unlike other rappers like Lil Pump and Lil Yachty who have not defended themselves against Eminem, Machine Gun Kelly has shown that he isn’t afraid of the G.O.A.T.

Battle rap is making a comeback, Collegiettes, and it just might have been a part of Eminem’s plan.

Chastity is a Corporate Finance student at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC. While she's building her career as a business professional, she loves to cook, bake, read, and paint in her free time. Her obessions include, but are certainly not limited to - Jesus; her Yorkie pup, Max; Christmas; One Tree Hill; and holiday decorations. You can follow her on Instagram @chas.jones :)
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