Keeping Up With Her Campus at Winthrop

Her Campus at Winthrop has some of the most heartfelt, hilarious and attention-grabbing content. Who wouldn’t want to keep up with it? If you’re reading this, thank you!

I believe that Her Campus at Winthrop puts out some extremely relatable content, and whether you’re someone who has kept up with our articles or a new reader, here are 5 reasons as to why you should continue to keep up with Her Campus Winthrop!

1. We publish articles that are appealing to everyone!

Whether they’re serious, happy, or even just “listicles”, there is always something that someone can relate to! Our writers offer a HUGE variety of opinions, interests, and passions, so there's a little bit of something for everyone in our articles!

2. Not only do we publish articles, but on our social media, we post a lot of empowering photos and quotes to help people stay motivated!

Our Instagram is filled with tons of cute, empowering, supportive, and awesome pictures to put some happiness on your feed and a little bit of brightness to your day! Our Twitter is a great place to find funny tweets, all of our articles, and more empowering content! Our Facebook page is another great place to find links to all of our articles, things that our writers are passionate about, and inspiration for your day! Keep up with us on social media, ya never know when we will have another giveaway!

3. You can read Her Stories and find that people have gone through some of the same experiences you have.

Her Stories are a way for our writers to share personal stories that have happened to them or someone they love. It's an outlet for them to heal and share their story with someone that might benefit from reading it, and it's a great way for people that might need help or hope to find it. It's also an outlet so you can learn from their experiences.

4. You can get a good laugh out of some of our articles!

Let's be honest; we’re some pretty funny women! A lot of our articles are full of funny gifs, stories, and things you can relate to, especially if your looking for a quick laugh and a lot of procrastination! 

5. We’re an amazing organization, full of wonderful writers that work together in order to publish some strong content.

Each one of our members is a dedicated woman who wants to share her passions with the world through writing. We are strong, powerful lady bosses, and we wouldn't want it any other way!

Thank you for being a part of what makes Her Campus at Winthrop so great! We love you Collegiettes!!