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Inside the Mind: Enneagram Type Two

A few years ago a friend of mine introduced me to a personality known as the Enneagram Test. I am not one to put much weight behind personality test results because they never seemed to be accurate at all. 


BUT. My mind was changed when I read my enneagram test results: Type Two — The Helper. 


Type Twos are known as helpers because we tend to care deeply for others and have a servants heart. We want to sacrifice our time and energy to serve others to show them that we care. 



Helping others makes us feel validated and needed which is our most deep seeded desire. It warms our hearts to know that those around us are loved and taken care of. 


You may recognize some of these Type Twos: Eleanor Roosevelt, Lionel Richie, Dolly Parton, and Elizabeth Taylor. 


At our best:


When us type twos are at our best we are full of humility, unconditional love, and compassion for others. We are empathetic and caring. We are concerned about others needs and do what we can to meet them. We are encouraging and see the bright side in difficult situations. We are generous and loving. 


At our worst:


When we are at our worst, we blackmail others with the “good things” we have done for them in order to validate ourselves and serve our own desires. It’s easy for us to become bitter and deceptive. Types Twos can become entitled because we believe that we deserve something we want because we do so much for other people. 


Being A Two:


Being a Type Two is very exhausting. I know that I can often spend too much time worrying about pleasing my teachers, my friends, or my significant other so much that I forget to take care of myself. I forget to take time to decompress and do something that makes me happy. 


But I love being a Type Two. I love encouraging other and doing the simple things like smiling and saying “good morning.” I love being able to surprise people with nice things. It makes my heart oh so happy. 


This one is for Type Twos out there: take time for yourself. Relax. You can’t please everyone or serve every need out there. And that is okay. 

Sarah Summerall

Winthrop '21

Currently a junior mass communications major and photography minor at Winthrop University, Sarah strives to work for a ministry or non-profit in the future. She loves to travel and has actually lived in Argentina for two months as well as Puerto Rico!! She loves movies, traveling, reading, eating tacos, and planning a wedding with her fiancé! She was born in Georgia but has spent the majority of her life in South Carolina! Even though she lives in SC she will pull for the Tennessee Volunteers any day of the week (Go Vols!). To follow her on instagram, you can follow her at sarahj_summerall !!
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