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If Oprah Was President

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Winthrop chapter.

The internet went crazy (as it so often does) when television host, franchise owner and american treasure, Oprah Winfrey, hinted at the possibility of running for president in 2020. We all know our beloved billionaire philanthropist hasn’t been one to keep quiet about her political views and even endorsed Hillary Clinton in the last election cycle, however, Oprah is well-liked by both liberals and conservatives according to both a CBS news poll that stated she had 52 percent of Americans that favored her and 15 percent who did not, as well as a Fox News poll that stated her favorability was 60 percent favorable to 29 percent unfavorable.

But beyond the facts, this just got us thinking: what would happen if Oprah Winfrey actually was the POTUS? In our opinion, it would got a little something like this:

1. All of her speeches would end in free cars for everyone

“Our economy might be rough, our country is divided, but one thing that can unite us is FREE CARS FOR EVERYONE!”

Although one con of on Oprah presidency: too.many.cars.

2. There would be no more healthy initiatives like the one’s Michelle Obama had put in place during her time in office.

3. Despite being a billionaire, Oprah was once just a regular ole person like all of us, meaning that she will understand the American people and wont let us forget it.



4. Kids would be able to hear the president’s voice not only in political speeches, but in their favorite movies as well!

5. We will have a super inspiring woman president who would inspire both boys and girls from all walks of lives to achieve great things.


Overall, an Oprah presidency is one that we can all get behind. Keep your fingers crossed collegiettes, and our next president may be our favorite television personality!


Avid reader, animal lover, and aspiring journalist. Instagram: teafranco Twitter: tea_a_franco
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