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Hello to my fellow college queen or king. We are here, it snuck up on us like Christmas does after Thanksgiving. You are finally, in person- listening to lectures, scurrying to your 12:30 class, and out of breath walking up to your dorm room. The time has come, for a fresh start, maybe a new backpack, 5-star notebook, or my personal favorite: a new planner. 

As a junior in college, I would say I know a few things about starting a new semester. I tend to look at the new semester as a new beginning, another opportunity to succeed. I want to help give you guys some contributing 3 factors/tips that could assist you in thriving this semester.

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Mental Health Check

As conventional as mental health is nowadays, I still feel due to this hustle culture we live in here in America it’s still pushed under the rug a bit. I thought about putting time management as the number one priority but it’s not. This summer I started struggling with anxiety and panic attacks. My entire life I was fortunate enough to go without any anxiety or depression-like feelings, but this snuck up on me when I least expected it to. With that being said I have noticed how important prioritizing my mental health was for me. You have to put yourself first before you can put others first. How can you give someone 100 without having 100? In college with all the stresses of exams, quizzes, friendships, relationships, and advancing in your career, School can be a bit of a distraction for mental health. Therapy can be a bit of a stretch so if that is the case for you I would start with simple things such as affirmations, journaling, reading, or meditation/praying. Even going on a simple walk or watching Youtube and eating my ice cream could be considered taking care of myself. Do whatever it is you need to do to be sure that you’re not mentally stable. That is the first step to thriving this semester. 

Get your ISH together

This is second, having a system for your life at college is so beneficial. This is not a THAT GIRl routine or my crazy 6 AM planned tea practice. This system is yours, you design how it works. Maybe your system is doing work until 2 AM and sleeping in, and that’s awesome for you. The whole point of you getting your formula is so you can follow it, and program it in a way you know you’ll play. Decide if you need to do work on the weekends if Sundays are sabbaths or getting ahead. Will you have a planner? Do you color coordinate? Are you cooking this week? Get detailed and be passionate about your system! Get your ISH together sis. 


You gotta join something

There is a club/organization out there for you, if you’re reading this then HerCampus is probably the one for you but it doesn’t have to end there. Heck, if you don’t like any of the campus organizations then start your own. I found out recently that Winthrop has a Kpop club… who knew! There’s something for everyone. This is so crucial for thriving this semester because you want to be a part of something, have people depend on you, have your voice heard, have creativity shared, and be able to express yourself. Joining a club will help you to be so much more passionate about college because it can be draining if you let it. Close out of Tik Tok because you’re about to join something!

This semester is going to be one to remember, you’re going to make the dean’s list, your friendships are going to bloom, and you’ll feel balanced. Manifesting and speaking into existence is an astonishing semester. You’re going to THRIVE.

Hello, my name is Jasmine Williams. I am currently a sophomore and I'm majoring in Mass Communication. Other than being on the HC team, I also have a blog and YouTube channel. I'm a Marketing Intern to Winthrop Dining and on the promotions team for Winthrop DSU! I enjoy listening to podcasts and drinking iced coffee.