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How to Plan the Perfect 21st Birthday Bash

Hello Fellow Collegietes, Do you have any friends or family turning 21 soon? Are you worried about how to plan or even attack this birthday planning? No worries, below I suggest a variety of ways to go about this Birthday and to be a night to remember!


  • Make a list of who you want to be apart of this event! I suggest friends and family or people who would love to be in on this action

  • Have a theme!! this will be the central part of the birthday bash aside from whose birthday it is.

  • Choose birthday colors! For a woman, I suggest the color range: Silver, Gold, Black, Pink, Rose Gold  

  • Find deals!! Nobody wants you to over spend, and you can get so much more decor and fun activities to do with a budget and comparing Prices!!

  • Have drinking Games, get hype for finally having your 1st legal drink!

  • Have a Birthday sash!! I suggest finding a cheap cute one on Amazon or do a DIY one from pinterest based on themes the birthday girl can relate to and understand!

  • 21st bday balloons!!! For millenials today this is a main item in 21st birthday parties and perfect for the birthday picture!!

  • 21st Birthday themed drinks! These can be alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks, be sure to include both to be mindful of people who do not want to be drinking alcohol.

  • HAVE a DD! Having a non drinking person driving the geusts and birthday girl allows for safety to be gaurunteed on this memorable day!!

  • Be mindful of Social Media!! Only post what you feel is appropriate with a possible nice wine glass, but not passed out in the middle of beer cans and empty wine bottles!

  • HAVE ID!! Please keep your id handy when in public buying alcohol and places that serve alcohol to prevent any possible trouble or consequences

  • Reserve a party space! The space could be a public venue, a house, living/dining room, backyard, or cabin.

  • Have costumes! This could be costumes going with the theme, such as, the roaring 20s, superheroes, villains, or casual.

  • Make note of one’s drinking limits, no one probably wants to be sick and others may want to drink more

  • Have Drinking games! These could be simple one found on pinterest

  • Have bottled water and small snack handy, one should not drink on an empty stomach and drinking water in between alcoholic drinks helps one not get sick

Most importantly, don’t forget to make memories Collegiettes!!

Have a designated camera person to record fun pictures and at last just enjoy the night of a lifetime! Have fun putting together this party and giving the best birthday bash ever!!


Hi Fellow Collegiettes, I'm a big lover of the outdoors, and member of the Chi Omega Fraternity. I'm from South Ga, but love living by the beach. My motivation to be my best self is that I'm climbing a mountain continuously throughout life and each bump on the adventure I can overcome.
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