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How Changing My Monthly Period Routine Changed My Life

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Winthrop chapter.

Ever since I started my period, I have always hated the idea of pads and tampons. For starters, pads feel like baby diapers that are just filling up with the reminisce of the baby you didn’t have. With tampons, well we can just say they scare me. Ever since middle school sex-ed class, I have been terrified of the idea of toxic shock syndrome. Even more or less, how my period can become very unsanitary.

I grew up as the oldest child of my family, with a younger sister and a younger brother following me. Even though my sister and I are only fifteen months apart, she was still really grossed out over the fact that I got my period before her. With my brother– I remember one memory of when I first started my period, and he took one of my used pads out of the bathroom trash can and inspected it. I got a stern talking from my father about how I need to be better at “hiding” evidence that I was becoming a woman. Also, I had dogs, and for some reason they really liked the taste of my used blood pads.

All these things mixed, I started to hate the fact that I was of the female sex anatomy, and I bled once a month. Having to use cotton to soak up my period was such a gross idea to me – to the point where I would even free bleed because I didn’t like the texture of the pads I have bought. It wasn’t until a friend recommended a menstrual cup. The idea of a cup freaked me out more, a cup full of blood sitting inside of my body? I was reassured that I wouldn’t feel it at all, and the insertion would be nothing like a tampon (which were painful for me). After researching what kind of menstrual cup would work best for me, I went with the Mr.A Menstrual cup from Amazon. For one, it came with two different sizes (my period is known not be as heavy), and it came with a streamer to sanitize the used cups. This was a win-win for me, I got to try out two different sized cups and I knew I would be able to properly clean them (I was NOT in any circumstance going to boil them on my family’s stove). I also picked out some pairs of period panties from OUNZ on Amazon, so I wouldn’t have to keep my cup in at night.

Then I just waited for my period to come by, and for the first time ever I was excited for my period. Trying new things out is such an amazing experience for me, especially when it’s for something that has bothered me for my entire life. When it came, I first sanitized both of the cups with the steamer I bought and pre-washed the period panties. The first time I put the cup in, I put the larger one in because at twenty-one years old I am still not familiar with how my body is built. It caused much pressure to my bladder, almost like I had to pee all the time. When I finally tried the smaller one, my life was changed. I forgot it was completely there! I was able to go throughout my day without having to worry if I smelled bad because the pad I was wearing was full. All I had to do was empty it if I felt like it was getting full. For the period panties, I absolutely loved them at first sight. They are basically like granny-panties, but it didn’t matter to me. The way they not only absorbed my period, but they also absorbed any sweat that occurred while I was sleeping. They were also easy to clean – just throw them in the wash and wear them again. Now, every month I oddly look forward to getting my period so I can try these products out again. They make me feel more secure about my monthly nature process. I no longer have to feel ‘gross’ or ‘unsanitary’ because of the products that I use.

For once in my life, I did not feel gross having my period. I felt as sanitary as possible and changing my routine really helped me not to loath my period every month. I am not convincing you to go out and buy a menstrual cup and period panties, but I am encouraging you, if you bleed monthly, to change up your routine if it bothers you. For me, I no longer have to stress about my time of the month. I just put my cup in and wear my period panties at night and just go on with my day. Sometimes change is good, and it is always good to make a change in your daily life.

Savanna Fiegl

Winthrop '23

she/they i am a digital information design major with a concentration in digital mass media