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How to Bring Spring to You


So lately Winthrop students have been down in the dumps, from the nasty, cold weather, to the numerous accounts of false hope of snow, the list goes on and on. With all this fluctuating weather, one can’t but hope that Spring is coming soon, right? But no need to fear, March is here and that always means Spring is right around the corner! But why wait for the weather to decide when it’s Spring or not? How about bringing Spring to you. Here are ways to bring the spring to you in your dorm room, apartment or wherever you may be.

1. Flowers, lots and lots of flowers.

Whether they are fake or real, big or small, flowers will always brighten up a room. Just be sure to pick things like Daffodils and Tulips, along with bright colors. 

If buying flowers isn’t possible, or you just can’t find the right ones, try finding string lights with flowers on them to hang over your bed or window. If you can’t find those, simply make your own using string lights and colorful tissue paper or construction paper. Pinterest always has something to offer.

2. Bright colors.

As stated above, choose bright colors to not only brighten up a room but help lighten up your mood. The weather has just been so cloudy and dull lately, which has made many people sleepy and grouchy.

You should:

  • Liven your living space by changing your sheets and curtains to something bright, like a teal or bright yellow.
  • Change your phone case to a flowery or bright aztec print. (TJ Maxx and Target have some great, cheap options!)
  • Then finally, add bright colors to your wardrobe! Even if you still have to put on a sweater, make sure it is bright and pair it with a bright smile. You and everyone else around you will appreciate it.


3. Fresh scents.

Choose flowery scents for your candle warmers or perfumes. Things that would make you think of bright sunny days, instead of cooped-up icy winters. Things like “Picnic in the Park,” by Yankee Candle or “Watermelon Lemonade,” by Bath and Body Works are great options. Plus, Bath and Body Works also has perfumes called “Love and Sunshine,” or “A Beautiful Day,” that will surely lighten your mood!


4. Lastly, think positive thoughts!

Not only will this put you in a better mood, but it won’t hurt your wallet either! Spring will be here before you know it, so don’t let some wet, white stuff falling from the sky ruin your mood. 


So when you are feeling cold and lonely, just waiting for spring to come, think about these ideas. They may not actually change the weather for you, but you will see that you will feel so much better seeing and smelling all the brightness in your life. Happy Spring!

I am a junior professional writing major, planning to go into advertising. I am a major nerd and geek, because I love to read and play video games. I would have to if I want to advertise for them! I've lived in South Carolina for most of my life, except for 6 years in which I lived in Mississippi. I enjoy writing, and hope Her Campus will provide me with tons of opportunities ^^!
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