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How To Bounce Back From A Bad Semester

Transitioning to college can be really exciting or really scary, or both! Going in, not knowing what to expect can make it even worse. For me, I was starting college sort of blind and not knowing exactly what to do. This was a new experience for my mom and I, and quite honestly, I had a lot of adjusting to do.

My mom never had issues with my grades in high school so the same was expected in college. Talk about pressure… I think most can relate when I say that senior year was sort of a breeze. We were in our last year before college and were expected to just make it to graduation day.

Going into college with a high school mindset is the absolute worst thing to do. I started the semester thinking it was going to be similar to the work load in high school and that I didn’t think I would have much to worry about. At the end of the semester, my grades clearly reflected this mindset.

Not to worry! Everybody slips up in the semester, but here are four ways to bounce back from that not-so-good GPA!


Start Off Fresh

The semester is in the past now and the grades are set. There is no need to stress over something that cannot be changed. Here is your new opportunity to start a brand new semester with a clean slate to make a comeback.


Utilize Resources on Campus

The academic resources on your campus are purposely there for you to utilize! Getting a tutor was the best thing for me because it gave me someone to encourage and motivate me to reach my full potential. The thing about college is, in order to do well, you have to put in effort. It’s more than okay for you to aks for help!! Utilizing the available resources on campus will surprisingly turn your grades around tremendously.


Get a Planner

My agenda is literally my life and I don’t know how I would function with it. Any type of checklist will ease the work load as you visually see things getting checked off. Staying organized seems tedious, but in the long-run it will become something that seems almost impossible not to do. Simply getting an agenda isn’t good enough. Write in it and check it every single day to make sure you are not getting behind. Oh, and the most important part… make sure it’s super cute!


Get Involved

Ever since the first day of college, all we ever hear is “You have to get involved.” I didn’t realize how important this concept was until my second semester. Becoming an Orientation Leader gave me something to work towards. It made me appreciate my school even more and actually wanted to do well and make others proud of me. The Motivation behind the work is almost as essential as the work itself. What is your purpose here in college? While you are busting your butt to get a degree, you might as well join an organization to make a difference!


No matter how much you want to freak out, just know that a setback always leads to a great comeback. If you follow these tips you may just be on your way to the best semester of your life! Stay positive collegiettes!

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