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HerInfluence – True Crime YouTubers to Feed Your New True Crime Obsession

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Winthrop chapter.

        With all of the new serial killer documentaries popping up on Netflix’s home page, you might be wondering, “what’s the big deal with all of this true crime stuff?” and honestly, a lot. Now, I like to stay invested in muder cases such as those of Dee Dee Blanchard, Shanaan Watts and her three kids, and unpopular cases such as with Joanne Witt and Skylar Neese (these are all great cases you should look into by the way so take notes!). Serial killer documentaries are the main meat and potatoes when it comes to what I watch whether it be Netflix or Youtube. Speaking of YouTube, however, there are a few true crime youtubers that I follow that I would highly (highly) recommend to those who have binge watched all of the true crime documentaries on Netflix and are ready to turn their true crime obsession into a personality trait like I have.

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First and foremost, if you don’t know who Eleanor Neale is, go to Youtube right now and subscribe to her channel. Is she that good at narrating murder cases? Yes, yes she is. She’s a literal queen who just moved to London and is super sweet and has a rockin’ sense of style. Also, her eyeliner stays unmatched. Aside from all those points, her tone of voice is pretty soothing and serious enough to easily listen to her videos if you decide to watch them while you’re working on homework or writing an article (not me writing an article listening to her video on the Moore’s murders). If I could recommend any video of hers to anyone, it would probably be her video on the abduction of Shannon Matthews or the Judy Barsi case. 

        Another true crime youtuber who shifts her focus on broader categories of true crime (conspiracy theories and unsolved cases) is Kendall Rae. Her aesthetic is amazing and not only does she make her own true crime content, but she also has a podcast with her husband called Mile Higher (and her husband has his own true crime podcast called Lights Out Podcast – talk about a hustling family). I really like Kendall’s energy in each video (not that she’s super hyper, but you can tell that she’s invested in and extremely interested in what she’s saying and to me that’s pretty captivating). If I had to recommend a good video of hers to watch, it’s definitely either gonna be her video on the Skylar Neese case and Fred West case. These are both cases that I’ve been familiar with before but actually learned new information from watching Kendall’s videos on each case – so definitely give them a watch!

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        The last youtuber I’d recommend, but certainly not the least is Stephanie Harlowe. The amount of time and research she puts into really getting to know these cases inside and out is amazing – not to mention she’s a mom (in a nutshell: I give a chef’s kiss to her time management skills). I love that she loves coffee just as much as I do and always starts off her videos – specifically her “Coffee and Crimetime” series with “Chemical Love” by Johnny Cummings. To some that could seem annoying but I find the consistency of it quite charming. Some videos I’d recommend of hers are videos on H.H. Holmes, the Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell saga, and Dalia Dippolito case.

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Photo by NordWood Themes from Unsplash

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