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Here Are Some Black-Owned Businesses You Should Continue to Support After Black History Month

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Just because Black History has come to an end doesn’t mean your support should stop there as well. Here are some amazing black-owned businesses that should continue to be supported throughout the rest of the year. This post is not sponsored in any way and is my own opinion.


This business provides sustainable plant-based skin and hair care that are also fair trade. They have products that are geared toward children and adults which makes it easy to shop for the whole family. Alaffia’s fair trade ingredients come straight from West Africa where they are handcrafted by the women-led co-op. They offer sizes that range from as small as 1.5 oz all the way up to 32 oz, and yes they’re all affordable. Alongside that they do offer authentic African black soap, scented and unscented. If all of that isn’t enough to sell you the Alaffia Foundation does empowerment projects as well, some (but not all) are maternal care, reforestation, and providing school supplies. All of which aid those in Africa. You can shop Alaffia products on their website.

Shades of Shades

When Marsha Douglas-Syndor, the founder of Shades of Shades, wasn’t able to find a pair of nude sunglasses that matched her skintone she set out to create a brand that provides sunglasses and eyeglasses in every shade of nude. In order to make sure you can find the glasses closest to your shade she provides 3 different ways to find your color, the eyewear shade finder, the makeup compatability finder, and the Shades of Shades app called “The Mirror”. All of these provides ways to find your closest shade match in a way best suited for you. This is a luxary eyewear brand and the products are made in Italy so it is ensured these glasses are high quality. Feel free to take a look and try and find your shade match here.

Be Rooted

If you still haven’t found a planner to use for 2023, don’t stress because Be Rooted has your back. They showcase many beautiful designs, most of which feature a range of different Black skintones along with hairstyles. If these planners sounds familar then you have probably seen them displayed in your local target. Planners arent the only thing they offer though, they have notebooks, recipe binders, pens, cups, and more. Be Rooted prides themselves on being able to integrate thier culture in every design they release. This brand is affordable and the perfect gift, whether that be for someone you care about or yourself. To find this brand you can go to your local Target or their website here.


With so many brands participating in fast fashion practies it can be a struggle to find brands that are sustainable, with Míe not only is it sustainable but black-owned as well. They are a lifestyle brand that ensures the fabrics used are nature-friendly. This brand is based in Lagos, Nigeria which is where their seamstresses create all the beautiful fashion displayed on their site. Their goal is to ensure that all of their products fit their consumers needs without not only damaging the environment, but the future as well. Míe is constantly listening to customer feedback because they do want to improve as a company which is something I find admirable. Slow fashion is certanly the way to go and they are doing it right, you can find their clothing here.

Show & Tell

Not only is this brand black-owned but it is LGBTQ+ owned as well. Show & Tell offers many different types of products like, appearl, home goods, and accessories. With that type of selection everyone is bound to find something that like they. When Alyah Baker founded this company in 2011 it was her mission to provide unique and inclusive designs. This company believes in practies that are socially responsible and also expressing acceptance for people of color, LGBTQ+ people, women, and any other marginalized groups. Show & Tell has many beautiful designs for all of their products. If any of this interests you here is their website.

Semicolon Bookstore

This bookstore is a nonprofit that is also dedicated to encouraging the connection between literacy and art. This bookstore in Chicago that is surrounded by art on the inside, creating a beautiful and relaxing environment to shop and read in. They also have a program called #ClearTheShelves. With this program, every month students in Chicago are encouraged to take however many books they want home, free of charge. This program was created to raise the literacy rates in Chigaco by encouraging students to read what interests them and that reading can be fun. By allowing these students to have a full choice on what they read they are able to form a real connections with the books and have the motivation to read more. Even though this is an in person bookstore you can still support #ClearTheShelves and even buy books from their online store here.

Bee Love

Bee Love is a company that hires incarcerated individuals and they create skincare that is infused with honey to properly give your skin all that good nutrients. All of their producted are created with 100% raw honey. They use all natural ingredients and they don’t test on animals. This company believes that every person should be treated with compassion and have the oppurtunity to get a fresh start. By doing this they are unlocking many oppurtunities that those who have been incarerated are not usually given. Just by providing the training of skills and oppurtunities they are able to make a difference in many peoples lives. If you want to learn more about their oppurtunies or just want to try some honey infused skincare check out their website.

The Grey

This restaurant creates dishes that are inspired by Chef Mashama Bailey’s southern upbringing combined by different techniques she learned while attending school in France. By doing this she is able to create southern dishes that are upped a notch. This restaurant has been named one of the “Worlds Best Restaurants” and Chef Mashama Bailey has even won the James Beard Award twice. The Grey is in Savannah, Georgia but don’t worry if you find yourself craving this food and you don’t live near it. On their website you can order dishes like pies, pickles, and their comeback sauce right to your door. If you want to try any of this mouthwatering food take a look at their website here.

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