Her Story: Life With Two Littles

When you join a sorority, you have a special bond with these women; you all joined the same organization because you share the same values.

Beyond that, you create an even more special bond with your “family tree”, AKA the big and little sister aspect of sorority life.


As soon as sophomore year rolled around, all I could think about was becoming a big sister. I wanted to share my love of my sorority with someone else the way my big did with me. I wanted to be a guide for her as she navigated her way through her new member process and as she got more involved in the chapter.


I seriously love my sorority, and the thought of sharing that was honestly the most special thing I could think of and an amazing way to give back to the chapter that gave me so much. So, with that said, you can imagine how overjoyed I was to learn that I was going to get a little sister.

All I could think of was how cool it would be to have a little sister. I have two older sisters, but I did not grow up with them, so the thought of adding another sister to my “family tree” made me ecstatic. I got my little, who I bonded with immediately. I was then asked if I was willing to take another little and, after a bit of contemplation, I agreed.

My littles are truly the best thing I have gained from my organization because I have been able to pour into them. They say love is not love until you give it away, and that is how they make me feel. Like all of my sisters, they are funny and kind and strong and smart, but our relationship is special.

Not only do I have strong relationships with each of them, but they complement each other as well. They have both already taught me so much about how to be a better woman, and even though I was originally nervous to take “twins”, I cannot describe how great it is.

My organization fills me with so much joy, and having two littles gives me the opportunity to share twice as much love. Buying two of everything was a little funny, but I am endlessly grateful to them both!