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Halloween Costumes for the Modern Day Lazy Girl

Its that time of the year! Halloween is right around the corner and the time has come to pick a Halloween costume. If you’re like me, you anticipate the idea of constructing a cute costume and wearing it to the Halloween party and being gassed up by your friends. But, once it gets closer to Halloween, it gets harder and harder to get the energy and strength to even dress up.

If this is you, then pay attention. These are five Halloween costumes for the modern day lazy girl!


1. Mean Girls’ Regina George

For all my girls who are committed to wearing pink on Wednesdays, this is for you. All you need is a white tank top, a black skirt, black heels (or if you’re not quite feeling heels, black tights will do,) and scissors to cut out the infamous circles.


 2. Rosie the Riveter

Embrace your inner feminist and rock this historic outfit! You don’t even have to brush your hair for this costume (which is always a bonus.) The items you need are a denim shirt, jeans, any shoes, and a red bandana to tie around your head like a headband.


3. Netflix and Chill

This is one for the best friends who thrive on their laziness, but still strive to impress with their costume. Grab a red shirt and a blue shirt, white fabric paint, and a thin brush. On the red shirt, paint the word “Netflix” in the same font used on the Netflix app. Then on the blue shirt, paint the world “chill” in any type of font you want. If you want to be extra creative and artsy, paint a couple cute snowflakes around the word!


4. Scarecrow

This one happens to be my personal favorite, mostly due to the fact that it includes the least amount of effort possible. All you need is a plaid shirt (which is any girl’s fall essential so you probably already have one), overalls or denim jeans with holes, and brown ankle or cowboy boots. If you feel a little less lazy, do a little face makeup to make the look more realistic!


5. A Cat

As basic as this may be, you can’t deny this is and always will be easy and cute! All you need are black leggings, a black long-sleeve shirt, any black shoes, cat ears (buy them for the low at Dollar Tree,) and an eyeliner pencil. Draw three whiskers on each cheek beside your nose and draw a little cat nose to complete your look.


Happy HallHERween Collegiettes!!

Winthrop University Freshman. Mass Communications major and a future professional blogger.
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