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Life is hectic, this I know. 

Being in college is one of the most enjoyable and exciting times in our lives. We’re learning new things, meeting new people, and gaining experiences we never even imagined. Every day is a chance to gain a new perspective and see the world for what it truly is: a wealth of opportunity. 

While the chances to push yourself to be the best friend, student, and person you can possibly be are absolutely endless, what happens when you push yourself too far?

College is crazy.

In a single day you can have two in-class exams, and online exam, and a lab report due. On top of that, you can’t forget that your sorority is throwing a mixer, another one of your on-campus organizations is having a mandatory meeting, and you still haven’t submitted that summer internship application that’s due in a week. 

The amount of obligations and responsibilities that come with being a college student are infinite. Not only that, but the amount of obligations and responsibilities we have are relentless. 

Due dates don’t care what other assignments you also have to do. Meetings aren’t aware that you’ve been trying to find the time to do laundry for the past three days, and this time slot was your only opportunity. And projects aren’t interested in the fact that it’s 9:30 pm and you still haven’t eaten dinner. 

There seems to be a point where it all becomes too much. It feels like you have everything in the world to do and absolutely no time to get it done this is where the stress comes in.

Small amounts of stress are normal, beneficial even. However, if you become stressed to the point that you feel as if you will never not be stressed again, that’s not healthy. With some much to do, it’s easy to feel as if you won’t be able to do it, as if you won’t be able to succeed – but this, my friend, is not true at all. 

The biggest lesson I’ve learned so far is to take things one step at a time. 

So, you have ten things to do today and only enough time to finish five? That’s ok.  

Celebrate your accomplishments for what they are, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem. You are not a superhero, you have limits. You are, however, unstoppable. You can do anything and everything you set your mind to, and you will succeed. 

Good things take effort, but more than that good things take time. 

So don’t be too hard on yourself. As long as you’re doing all that you can, and above all doing you best, then that’s all you can ask for. 


So Collegiettes, just know that you break is coming, and when it does, all the trials and tribulations, all the days that you felt as if you were drug through the mud, will have been worth it.

When your break comes, it’s going to feel better than you ever imagined. 

Nicholle Lewis

Winthrop '20

 Nicholle is a junior biology major with a minor in psychology and Winthrop University. In addition to being Editor in Cheif for Her Campus at Winthrop, she is an honors student, an undergraduate research assistant, a member of the fraternal conduct board, and a sister of Delta Zeta. In her free time, Nicholle enjoys reading, hiking, yoga, and meeting new dogs. When asked what her favorite aspect of Her Campus is, Nicholle replied "I love Her Campus because if has helped me learn to not only find my own voice, but to use it to connect with so many people I wouldn't have met otherwise." 
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