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Fun Vacations to Take With Different Budgets

We all love to travel and with summer just around the corner, we are anxiously planning where we’ll go this year. But, working with a college student’s budget can be a bit of a challenge and sometimes making travel plans take a little longer.

Depending on how much money you want to spend and where you want to go, prices can vary drastically. If you’re looking to go abroad, it’s going to cost a lot more money than if you just wanted to do a quick beach trip with your girls.

So, start taking notes, Collegiettes, because we’ve got some great places to travel for you whether you want a long trip abroad or a short trip to the beach!


Trips Abroad

With a website called EF College Break, people from the ages of 18-28 can go on a variety of different trips around the world. Trips like this take a lot more planning because you have to book in advance to pay and these trips run at higher prices but they are still fairly reasonably priced and give you an amazing experience abroad! Remember, these prices could change depending on when you book the trip.Here are just four of the many options EF College Break offers:

  1. London and Scotland– For 8 days this amazing trip abroad costs $2,709

  2. Europe– Feel like getting a sense of living abroad, try this 30-day Europe escape for $5,229

  3. Greek Islands– If you want to spend some time with clear blue waters this trip is for you! This 11-day getaway is $4,024

  4. Australia and New Zealand– Looking for a 3-week trip down under? Save up $6,839 and you’ll be ready to go!

Southeast Trips

If you’re looking to stay pretty local and save money, there are some really great places in the Southeast that can be quick long weekend trips or full week trips depending on what you want to do. Prices for these trips will vary depending on what hotel you stay at, where you eat, how much gas money, etc. Some travel booking websites that offer good prices on hotels include travelocity, expedia, kayak, and more. Another travel site that people often use now is Airbnb where people can rent a whole house or just a room in a house; it can sometimes even be cheaper than booking a hotel depending on how many people you go with. Here are some great vacation options just hours away!

  1. Charleston, SC– Charleston is a great city with tons of bars and restaurants and tourist attractions for people of all ages and it’s just a 3 hour drive from campus!

  2. Savannah, GA– A very historic city, Savannah is known for its architecture, parks, and the gorgeous Savannah River!

  3. Wilmington, NC– Calling all of you One Tree Hill fans out there, Wilmington is the city where the CW hit was filmed. Visiting Wilmington allows you the opportunity to tour all of the famous places the show was shot including Brooke Davis’ house, Lucas Scott’s house, and so much more!

  4. Orlando, FL– One word…DISNEY! Who doesn’t love Disney??? Go to Orlando and you can head over to the most magical place in the world!

Trips across the U.S.

Just like with the trips in the Southeast, these trips can be booked through popular travel sites as well. Again, prices will vary so you’ll have to do some research before you book the trip. Some cool places across the U.S. for you to visit include:

  1. San Antonio, TX– If you’ve never been to Texas before, San Antonio is the place to go! The Alamo history is a huge part of this thriving city!

  2. San Diego, CA– Known for its beaches, parks, and great weather San Diego is one of the best places to visit in California! Get out there and explore this beautiful city!

  3. New Orleans, LA– The Big Easy is an awesome place to visit for young college students! Check out the nightlife, music, and food for an unforgettable trip!

  4. Denver, CO– The Colorado capital is full of museums, ski resorts, and the Rocky Mountains. For all of you outdoorsy people, Denver is the place to be!

So for all my fellow travelling Collegiettes out there, start saving ladies; we’ve got some fun trips to take!

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